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The Bulls' forum hosted the Mock Trade game again this year. Teams were combined to make an even 20 team league. Conferences were adjusted to compensate for disparity in talent. The top-8 teams in each conference made the playoffs. Vote on the poll for which team you think would win in a 7-game series. Players are considered 100% healthy. If they have been out the whole year, use the last season that they played and take about 80% of their production to vote (e.g. Paul George).

1. San Antonio (Home Court Advantage)
PG: Chris Paul | Patty Mills | Jose Calderon
SG: J.J. Redick | Khris Middleton | Iman Shumpert
SF: DeMarre Carroll | P.J. Tucker | Anthony Morrow
PF: Tim Duncan | Carlos Boozer | Kyle O'Quinn
C: Al Horford | Rudy Gobert

8. Los Angeles Lakers
PG: Jrue Holiday - Kemba Walker- Devin Harris
SG: Arron Afflalo - Jeremy Lin- Grevis Vazquez- Allen Crabbe
SF: Kawhi Leonard - Wilson Chandler
PF: Kenneth Faried- Josh Smith
C: Al Jefferson- Enes Kanter- Amare Stoudamire

San Antonio Write-up

Congratulations to the Lakers for making it to the post season.

When looking at these two squads, itís clear the Spurs have the 1st (Chris Paul), 2nd (Tim Duncan)and 3rd (Al Horford) best player, all in the starting unit. Itís obvious that they are also the players with the highest basketball IQ. The Lakers have a solid defensive PG, SG, and SF, but his issue isnít with the Spursí elite 3 & D players, but with their elite big men who have the ability to score down low, step back for the midrange shot, and equally importantly, anchor the teamís defense.

On offense

Fast Break/In transition

Chris Paul has thrived in transition by either passing it to the open guy, lobbing it to the open guy, or finishing himself.

The twin towers (Duncan and Horford) will be running inside, which causes the defense to come in as Faried and Jefferson will be unable to contain them by themselves, which leaves Chris Paul (40% 3 point shooter this season), JJ Redick (44% 3 point shooter this season), and DeMarre Carroll (40% 3 point shooter this season) open on the perimeter for the kick out pass from one on of the twin towers. If the defense doesnít come in, then Duncan or Horford will catch the lob pass (or regular pass) for an easy dunk.

Halfcourt setting

We know that in the playoffs, teams absolutely have to play in the halfcourt setting. From PG to C, every starter on the Spurs are elite and willing passers. The Spurs will thrive on halfcourt offensive setting. The ball will never be stuck in one place for too long, which causes the defense to scramble, and allow Duncan or Horford to pound it inside or shoot the open midrange shot, or allow the pass to the open perimeter player for the 3 point shot. Having 5 players spacing the floor out will also allow the perimeter players to cut to the basket to score or for the kick out pass from all the attention drawn.

On Defense

The Spurs have TWO defensive anchors, Tim Duncan and Al Horford, starting. They are more than comfortable guarding near the basket or away from the basket. Against the Lakers, the Spurs wonít have to venture too far from the rim, as Faried and Jefferson arenít elite from midrange; They thrive right around the rim. Duncan on Jefferson, and Horford on Faried defensively would be way more than enough to shut them down. Carroll is the Hawks elite perimeter defender, and on the Spurs, heís tied for 3rd or 4th best defender on the starting line up. While Leonard will still get some points, Carroll will be a bulldog on him. Redick has improved drastically on defense. He gives tremendous effort, and fortunately for him, Afflalo isnít a slasher. Redick will hold his own against Afflalo, and in the rare occasion Afflalo gets past Redick, Duncan and Horford will be there waiting to block or contest his shot. Chris Paul is arguably the best defensive point guard in the game. He is capable of guarding guys bigger than him without giving an inch in the post. Fortunately, he will be guarding Holiday who isnít an extreme offensive threat. He will make the life of a PG quite difficult for Holiday.

Individual matchup

Chris Paul vs Jrue Holiday: It is without question that Paul would decimate and annihilate Holiday, both offensively and defensively.

Redick vs Afflalo: Redick is astronomically better from 3 while Afflalo is the better defender. Fortunately, Redick is a role player (3 & D) for the Spurs, and Afflalo has had a difficult time from 3 this season (34% yikesÖ)

DeMarre Carroll vs Kawhi Leonard: Clearly, Leonard is better than Carroll. However, all that talent on the defensive end will be wasted on Carroll, as Carroll is the 5th option for the Spurs. This completely minimizes the advantage in the SF position.

Tim Duncan vs Kenneth Faried: Iím not sure Faried is even a starter on a playoff contending teamÖ Duncan would be taking the young energetic buck to school in this match up, both offensively and defensively.

Al Horford vs Al Jefferson: This is another clear win. Offensively (per 36 minutes) and defensively, Horford is superior to Jefferson. Horford can guard Jefferson, but can Jefferson guard Horford? Will Jefferson anchor the defense?

Spurs Bench vs Lakers Bench: The Spurs bench has another ELITE rim protector in Rudy Gobert, a plethora of elite 3 & D guys (Middleton, Shumpert, Tucker, etcÖ), a 6th man (Patty Mills), and veterans ( Jose Calderon and Carlos Boozer). The Lakers bench has Kemba Walker and Josh Smith, both of whom are horrifically inefficient. Jeremy Lin playing out of position as SG, and having Wilson Chandler as their only defensive SG/SF on the bench would be very problematic for them.

No Lakers Write-Up

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anyone's thoughts?

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Spurs easily. They have it all and matchup extremely well here.

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i'd like to get at least 15 votes per matchup over the course of the poll,so please vote PSD users

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I like the Spurs. Very well put together team. Well rounded and nice depth.

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Spurs advance