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02-11-2015, 05:04 PM
The Bulls' forum hosted the Mock Trade game again this year. Teams were combined to make an even 20 team league. Conferences were adjusted to compensate for disparity in talent. The top-8 teams in each conference made the playoffs. Vote on the poll for which team you think would win in a 7-game series. Players are considered 100% healthy. If they have been out the whole year, use the last season that they played and take about 80% of their production to vote (e.g. Paul George).

1. Philadelphia (Home Court Advantage)
PG: Eric Bledsoe- MCW- Jarrys Bayless
SG: Victor Olidipo- Jeremy Lamb- Dion Waiters
SF: Kevin Durant- Andrie Kirelinko
PF: Serge Ibaka- Nick Collinson
C: Nikola Vucevic- Nerlens Noel

8. Detroit
PG: Tony Parker - Dj Augustin
SG: Jodie Meeks - Manu Ginobili - Ben McLemore
SF: Rudy Gay - Kyle Singler - Jonas Jerebko
PF: Greg Monroe - Carl Landry - Derek Williams
C: Demarcus Cousins - Boris Diaw - Aaron Baynes - Myer Leonard

Philadelphia Write-up

I believe my team will win the series against the Pistons is because my team is simply the more balanced. I have Kevin Durant who obviously is one of the best players in the game. Then i have one of the best front courts. Vucevic who is a scoring machine who can do it all. He's averaging 19.4 points a game and 11 rebounds. That's amazing for a center. He does lack blocks, but Ibaka will make up for that with his nearly 3 blocks a game. Now if you love defense i have even more for you. Victor Olidipo is one of the best young lockdown defenders in the game. He averages a steal a game a few rebounds and assists. Also he scores about 16 points a game.

Next comes Eric Bledsoe. He's a dynamic Point Guard who loves to spread the floor with his 6 assists, plus he scores about 17 points a game. He also racks up steals. I would also like to add that Bledsoe has been playing lights out lately. So i guess you can say that my team can do a bit of it all score and defend. Oh before i forget i also have some playmakers coming of the bench in MCW who racks up assists steals and gets about 15 points a game also i have Nerlens Noel who is known for his defense. I have a lot of great defensive players who can also do work at the other end of the court. The other team can't win if they can't score right? I guess you can say i have a team full of two way players.

In closing, I will say my team is very well-rounded they can do about anything that is asked of them and do it well. I have tons of young talent, so these core guys Bledsoe,Olidipo,Durant,Ibaka,Vuecivic,MCW,Noel, could be together for a long time. My team can simply do it all. Go Sixers/OKC #BEATTHEPISTONS

No Detroit Write-Up

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I think Philly is overrated but they def win here.

02-11-2015, 11:17 PM
i'd like to get at least 15 votes per matchup over the course of the poll,so please vote PSD users

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Philly simply has more talent here. They're on a different level than Detroit's team. Philly wins easily

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PHI wins