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12-25-2014, 07:55 PM
With former powerhouses the Knicks, Heat and Lakers struggling this season, but still playing on Christmas Day because of their big markets, what five matchups would you have liked to see on Xmas and why (to be fair to the East there must be five teams from there)?

Mine would be (although pretty predictable, as a fan these are my best matchups):

Cavaliers at Heat (I agree with this one because I have been waiting all season to watch LeBron back in Miami, although not as much as when he played at Cleveland with the Heat because he was 'Cleveland's boy')

Wizards at Raptors (The two best young teams in the East and I would play it in Toronto to share the NBA Christmas love to Canada)

Bulls at Spurs (Two old-school teams going head to head at the home of the reigning champions)

Rockets at Thunder (Before Durant got injured again, four of the best players in the league on the court at once)

Clippers at Warriors (I also agree with this one because this game has been fiercely contested of late, these are two of the most explosive offenses in the NBA and the point guard matchup of Curry versus Paul is mouthwatering)

12-25-2014, 08:05 PM
It's not about match ups, it's all about ratings with the NBA. They will never give you the best match ups on Xmas Day. They will always have games that involve major cities or being played in major cities such as LA, NY, MIA, CHI, TX