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11-06-2014, 11:38 AM
Here we go guys. The X-Men Conference Finals. Remember, only votes from the 13-member playoff committee will be accounted for. So even though GM votes won't count until then, feel free to talk and debate about who should win this series in your mind. Playoff Voting Committee: it is your obligation to explain why you vote a certain way, please do so.

Azkaban - Home Court Advantage
G: Russell Westbrook - Steve Blake
G: Bradley Beal - OJ Mayo
F: Thabo Sefolosha - Kyle Singler
F: David Lee - Thaddeus Young
C: Andre Drummond - Pero Antic

PG: Ty Lawson | Mo Williams
SG: Kobe Bryant | Alec Burks
SF: P.J. Tucker | Xavier Henry
PF: Tim Duncan | Mizra Teletovic
C: Spencer Hawes | Jermaine O'Neal

Azkaban Writeup

Congrats on Westeros making it to the Conference Finals. However, I matchup far too well against this team to not advance to the Finals myself. First off, Russell Westbrook is easily the best player in this series. How in the world will Westeros defend him over 7 games? Lawson/Kobe? No way. They don't even have a defensive backup to guard him (Mo Williams and Alec Burks, ha!). Duncan can anchor their defense, but the pick & roll game of Westbrook/Lee will pull Timmy away from the basket, leaving Hawes to try and out-rebound Andre Drummond (arguably the best offensive and defensive rebounder in the game). That is not a recipe for success.

Then look at Kobe trying to guard Beal around all of those screens. And if you try to put Tucker on Beal, his quickness will still be there and then Kobe will be guarding a bigger player in Thabo who can outwork him with his athleticism on the fast break. Obviously Thabo isn't a threat offensively, but the rest of my guys will attack this Westeros defense and make an end to the legends' last hoorah here.

Now onto my defense. I have Westbrook guarding Lawson, severely limiting his penetration. I have Thabo guarding an older, slower, less effective Kobe Bryant (much like how he guarded Pierce in the last round). Beal will stay on Tucker and just close out on his open threes, not too difficult of a task for someone with his athleticism. Now it gets tricky because of their bigs, but Drummond/Lee on the boards will force Westeros to make their first shot, which sounds easier than it actually will be.

I will only make one mention about teams' benches: mine is tremendously far and away superior.

All in all, neither team here has an all-time great defense. We have defensive players at certain positions, but the overall defense has some questionable players. So I call the defensive side of the ball a wash. Which leads this game to who can be more efficient offensively, who can win in transition, and who can win on the offensive glass. My team has an advantage in all 3 of those aspects. My team has the best player. My team will win this series.

Westeros Writeup

Congratulations to Azkaban for narrowly making it to the conference finals! They have some really solid pieces, but lack several fundamental necessities to be successful in the conference finals and finals.

First off, Azkaban has no true leadership. Russell Westbrook is probably a big reason for a lot of OKC's success, but unfortunately, a lot of their failures too. It has been said that Westbrook is the only player in the league who can limit Kevin Durant to under 30 points per game. He doesn't have the mental maturity to get past a season and veteran squad, such as Westeros. The rest of Azkaban's squad are virtually inexperienced deep in the playoffs. No NBA team has ever gone to the conference fnals or finals without a true leader, leading the team there.

Secondly, Azkaban is way below average defensively. Their best defender is their PG! Yikes! Drummond might get block shots, but even Piston fans will tell you how much improvement he needs on that end of the floor. He is young and I genuinely believe he will be a good defensive center one day, but you can't expect him to be the defensive anchor in the conference finals or finals; He's just too inexperienced and he's still learning the game. Thabo Sefolosha was so bad defensively (and even more so offensively) last season, they decided to take him off the starting lineup for Caron Butler... ! David Lee will be destroyed by Tim Duncan in the paint. If Azkaban plans on using Lee to guard Hawes, Hawes will simply post him up and have his way with the smaller and shorter Lee. Bradley Beal's defensive is pretty atrocious. I suspect Azkaban will deploy Sefolosha on Kobe in a desperate attempt to slow him down, so perhaps Beal guarding PJ Tucker won't affect him too much in that match up. Overall, Azkaban doesn't have anyone remotely close as effective as Serge Ibaka to stop Ty Lawson, Kobe Bryant, Alec Burks, and Xavier Henry from attacking the rim at will.

Thirdly, Azkaban's offense has almost no spacing! In their lineup, they have one 3 point shooter! Azkban's 2nd best 3 point shooter shot 31.8% last year (Russell Westbrook), followed by Sefolosha's 31.6%. All Westeros has to do is play a zone, and it will not only limit Westbrook's scoring ability, but make it easier to defend Lee and Drummond. They don't have enough floor spacing to keep the defense honest. Westbrook has a .519 TS%, and would literally shoot Azkaban out of several games as he done with OKC, only this time, he won't have Kevin Durant (or anyone even close to Kevin Durant) to help take the pressure off of him. When Westbrook attacks, he literally only has Beal to kick it out to... that spells trouble for Azkaban.

Westeros has the veteran leadership, championship experience, and the perfect role players to get past Azkaban. Duncan will be taking Lee to school. Hawes will be on the 3 point arch, pulling Drummond away from the paint where he is uncomfortable and preventing him from grabbing the boards. Kobe is the secondary ball-handler to attack the rim, causing the defense to cave in, only to kick it out to Lawson/Hawes/Tucker for the open 3. Lawson's speed and agility will cause Westbrook to work hard on the defensive end, making Azkaban's leading scorer exert tremendous amounts of energy. Lawson's elite passing will create not only easy baskets for his teammates, but baskets in a half court setting, something Azkaban won't be able to do with their lineup. PJ Tucker is the ideal 3 and D guy, being occasionally assigned to guard Westbrook to slow him down, but primarily on Beal. His efficient 3 point shooting is comparable to Beal's, but is superior to everyone else on Azkaban's roster. Westeros in 5-6 games.

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I will abstain from voting since the winner faces me and I cannot trust myself to vote for the better team over the team I'd rather face.

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This has been up for almost 12 hours now and only 2 votes? what the heck. Maybe by reposting my thoughts on why my team should win will grab more attention:

What my starters lack in 3 point shooting, i more than make up for it off the bench. Between Beal/Blake/Mayo/Singler they shot 395/1,026 last year from deep. That's 38.5%, which would be well and away a top-5 three point shooting unit in the league last season. And it's not like they never shot the ball either, they combined to take 15.9 attempts from deep per game last season.

For comparison's sake:
2014 Warriors: 38.0% from deep (4th in league)
2014 Blazers: 37.2% from deep (10th)
2014 Thunder: 36.1% from deep (15th)
2014 Rockets: 35.8% from deep (16th)
2014 Clippers: 35.2% from deep (22nd)

All of those teams were legit contenders last year. My team has plenty of spacing, and my team has an elite pick & roll tandem that will elevate the rest of my teams' play.

And Westbrook killed it in the playoffs last year (downright out playing Durant, arguably). He posted a 54.5ts% and 108 ORtg, 0.178 WS/48 and a 24.7 PER. And in the playoffs he nearly produced to the same level: 53.9ts% 111 ORtg 0.166 WS/48 24.9 PER

If you have Lawson guarding Westbrook, he'll average over 30 a game on elite efficiency this series. Lawson's a terrible defender, and my pick & roll game with both picks will pull Duncan away, and my team will absolutely dismantle your team on the glass. If you play zone then that plays even MORE into my hands because of how difficult it is for a team playing zone to box out - my humongous advantage on the glass just got even bigger.

Now what does my team have that the other team does not:
The best player in the series, athleticism, rebounding, and a real bench (remember how important the Spurs bench was last year to their success and how that was the Heat's Achilles' heel?). Is Kobe going to play 40 minutes a night or something? How is Mirza Teletovic going to help that team with Duncan not being able to play even 30 minutes a game at this point in his career. The only thing that Westeros has that I don't is experience, and that experience is a Kobe Bryant who is posting up a 48.8ts% and -0.013 WS/48 right now through 5 games. If this was 3 years ago ya Westeros wins. But Kobe is not the player he ever was, Lawson will be exploited all day long if he's guarding Westbrook for 40 minutes. Duncan can't play more than 30 minutes a night anyway.

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Not a chance westy is stopped in this series. Not thrilled with Thabo but I do like the rest of the team.

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