View Full Version : Mills Hustles.

10-16-2014, 03:34 PM
Okay, probably the most pointless thread I've made, but it's not about Lebron, Kobe, Durant or Houston hate... so...

I was bored and started browsing some the player tracking stats that came about this year and something interesting cropped up.

Out of ALL players who averaged at least 15 minutes per game and played at least 70 games this season, Patty Mills leads the league in distance traveled per 48 minutes (3.8 miles) AND he leads the league in average speed, 4.8MPH(7.7 KM/H). Now think about how he was a little fatty not long ago.. is anyone else surprised by this stat?

Equally surprising, 4th in the league was Cody Zeller, with an average speed of 4.5mph and a distance traveled per 48 minutes of 3.6 miles.

Most "superstars" don't even register in the top 100. The only stars or borderline stars I could see inside the top 100 based on those filters were; Dragic, Lin, Hayward, Lillard, Parsons, Curry, Klay, Irving, Noah and Ellis.

Obviously when it comes to the total distance traveled, the superstars show up. But that's a lot to do with the fact that they play more minutes.