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I was reading the posts from 1999 draft thread, and I noticed a lot of guys were hard on Steve Francis, and for good reason given the rapid decline on his career, but though I wasn't entirely crazy about his game, I thought he had the potential to be a HOF player after his first three seasons.

In his first three seasons he managed to increase his scoring, assist and rebound averages, and he had AMAZING rebounding numbers for a point guard. His assist numbers were solid, though his turnovers were high, but he was also required to do a lot of isolation plays and the offense was dependent on him and defenses focused on him. I thought with the right coach, he could have developed into something special, and I loved watching the pick-and-roll with him an Yao (I still remember how well they played against the Lakers in 04--game one saw them lose by a basket with officials being VERY friendly to the Lakers and they were very close in game four as well, but again the officials were tough on them).

But then Francis got dumped on Orlando, and then got moved to New York. I really felt that had he been continued working under JVG, or had a better coach like Sloan, he could have really developed into an elite point guard. That trade totally tanked his career.

I've seen a few other trades go down like that as well, where a great player suddenly looked like a chump because of the system or roster he got stuck on.

So what trades do you think adversely effected a player's career? And alternately, which trades do you think allowed a player to blossom (Gortat, for instance, looked like a second fiddle playing behind Diwght, but being traded to the Suns really allowed him to blossom, likewise with Dragic to the Suns).

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Baron Davis from hornets to warriors was a very positive move for him then when he left career ended basically... Yes injuries played a part in his career but something about the we believe warriors team brought the best out of him.

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for blossoming,there are tons of guys trading when they were young that i dont think would have been the same elsewhere: russell,pippen,ect. ;then there are guys that revamped perceptions of themselves by moving: j.on,sheed,kg,zbo,al jefferson,gasol

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Lamar Odom to the Lakers, he would have gone on to make multiple all-star appearances next to Wade but then he probably never wins a championship either.

Zach Randolph to the Knicks and then Memphis a year later, in New York whatever reputation he'd built for himself in Portland was quickly diminishing and then the move to Memphis, where he's been really good and made a couple all-star games.

Joe Johnson to atlanta I actually think he would have been a better player if he stayed in Phoenix as a 2nd or 3rd scoring option but he wouldn't have made half of the all-star games he did in Atlanta or put up nearly as impressive boxscore stats.

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amare to new york

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If you believe the rumors, the trade that ruined Steve Francis was the trade of his brother Mobley.

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Dwight Howard..

Dude was unreal in Orlando even with sloppy offense. Thought he was just as valuable as Lebron having his team #1 in defense

He was a soft joke, less athletic and muscular, in LA and just ok now in Hou compared to what he was.

Nash to LA.

Granted he was old..he looked awful on the court and with the haircut compared to PHX. You can tell he just wasn't as comfortable and didn't seem as interested.

Fellow Raptor fans will try to say Vince to NJ, and I wish he did stay there the whole time (though I understand his leaving), but he was phenomenal in NJ. However his trade to Orlando fits this thread..it was an awful fit and his confidence was shot for years not being able to figure it out with his hometown.. Thankfully he bounced back these past couple years and his confidence is well back.

There's so many that fit this thread I can't think up right now. So many star players seem to struggle with change it seems.

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When Walt clyd Frazier got traded from the knicks to the cavs I believe in 78.
It really affected his game in a negitive way.
What a shame, the man should have retired a knick.

Along with Ewing!
When he got traded it didn't really effect his game, because of his injury he didn't have any game left.
But again Ewing should have retired a knick.

Loul deign getting traded to the cavs really messed his game.
He hated the trade .

As much as I hate pp and kg,
I think they should have stayed in Boston.

The gasoline brother trade!
I think it was positive for both of them.

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Lamar Odom traded to Dallas. Completely ruined his career and never was the same after getting the sixth man award.

Rasheed Wallace getting traded to the Pistons. To me, he was a big reason why they won it all.

09-25-2014, 04:45 AM
Boris Diaw from Hawks to Suns was a drastic change. Actually worked out for both teams and players, as Hawks got Joe.

09-25-2014, 07:41 AM
ed davis going to memphis in the gay deal
i thought he was going to go jermaine oneal on us in a year or 2, then he got burried

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+1 on Ed Davis.

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Easily Grant Hill to the Magic

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Charles Smith to the Knicks comes to mind. He was never going to fit in NY