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09-20-2014, 11:54 PM
I don't know if you've all seen the player badges for this years installment of 2K basketball, but there are 77 of them in total to supplement the players ratings and help make players with special skill sets stand out. Since some overlap (alpha dog/beta dog, etc) a player can have a max of 70. Lebron currently has the most with 47 on the default rosters. All the skill ones can have 3 tiers (bronze, silver, gold). I debated putting this in the video game forum section, but didn't think it'd receive much attention there. If the mods think it should be moved then that's fine and my bad.

But since I like to make my own rosters every year for offline use, I thought it'd be interesting to see which badges you guys would most closely associate with certain players given their skill sets and personalities. For instance the King of Euros gold badge would likely apply to Harden, Wade, and Ginobili imo. And for Legendary Work Ethic Kobe immediately comes to mind. So let me know some of the ones you guy's think would be most suitable since I don't like to trust 2K on their rosters and want some ideas for my own since it's hard to know every player from other teams this well. Here's the entire list...


Alpha Dog - Steps his game up when his teammates are performing poorly

Beta Dog - Steps his game up when an Alpha Dog teammate is out or is playing poorly

Road Dog Elevates his play when playing in road games

Prime Time - Elevates his play in games of great significance

Cool and Collected - A player who remains fairly consistent throughout the course of the game

Closer - Steps his game up in the 4th quarter and overtime when the game is close

Fierce Competitor - Elevates his game when being outplayed or instigated

Spark Plug - Energizes teammates with big plays

Swagger - Gets himself going by making big plays

Mind Games - Gets his opponent out of rhythm by getting into his head while guarding him

Enforcer - Wreaks havoc on the floor with physical and tough play

Mentor - Gets younger players focused in on the game when they commit mistakes

Heart and Soul - Rallies team when things are getting out of hand. Helps team stay focused

Floor General - Makes his team better offensively just by being on the floor

Hardened - Plays through fatigue and injury without experiencing full negative consequences

Defensive Anchor - Makes his team better defensively just by being on the floor

On Court Coach - MyCareer specific. A player with this badge can get the ball, call plays and tell teammates to shoot whenever he wants

Emotion (No gameplay affect, just applies to on court reactions to calls and off the court matters)

Friendly - An outgoing and typically well-liked player

Reserved - A quiet player that generally keeps to himself

High Work Ethic - Works harder than the typical NBA player

Legendary Work Ethic - First one to the gym, last one to leave and the hardest worker at all times

All-Time Great - Strives to be known as an all-time great

Low Ego - Values team success more than anything

Keep it Real - Responds best to tough love

Pat My Back - Responds best when coddled

Expressive - Has no problem expressing his feelings

Unpredictable - Can be erratic in his behavior

Laid Back - Generally pretty chill at all times

Skills(Bronze/Silver/Gold tiers for each of these)

Volume Shooter Heats up with every shot, make or miss. However, lack of shots can make him cold

Microwave - Only needs a limited amount of made shots to get hot

Unfazed - Timeouts as well as quarter breaks do not cool this player down offensively

Corner Specialist - Known for his ability to knock down threes from the corner

Screen Outlet - Excels as the screener in the pick & roll game

Deadeye - Not bothered as much by defenders when it comes to making contested shots

Limitless Range - Known for knocking down three pointers well beyond the three point line

Bank Is Open - Excels at banking in jumpers

Fade Ace - Excels at making fadeaway jumpers

Shot Creator - Known for making tough shots off the dribble after creating space to shoot

Lob City Finisher - Finishes alley-oops at a high rate

Posterizer - Known for attempting to dunk on opposing players whenever possible

Spin Lay-in - Excels at making spin layups

Hop-stepper - Excels at making hop-step layups

King of Euros - Shines in his ability to make euro step layups

Acrobat - Can change his shot in air and attempt difficult shots with few consequences

Tear Dropper - Excels at making floaters and runners

Post Spin Technician - Dominates the post with his ability to beat his defender spin and drive moves

Drop-stepper - Adept at beating his defender in the post with dropsteps

Post Hoperator - Excels at making hop-shots out of the post

Post Stepback Pro - Shines in his ability to use the post stepback move to score in the post

Dreamlike Up and Under - Uses an array of up-fakes in the post to fool his defender into jumping

Killer Crossover - A ball-handler who excels at breaking his defender down with crossovers

Spin Kingpin - A ball-handler known for breaking his defender down with spin moves

Stepback Freeze - A ball-handler adept at freezing his defender with stepback moves

Behind the Back Pro - A ball-handler who catches his defender off guard with behind the back moves

Hesitation Stunner - A ball-handler adept at freezing his defender with hesitation moves

Master of In and Out - A ball-handler known for breaking his defender down with in and out moves

Pet Move Sizeup - A ball-handler who uses elite size-up moves to break his defender down

One Man Fastbreak - Excels at taking the ball coast to coast on a fastbreak

Transition Finisher - Adept at running the fastbreak and finishing at a high rate

Flashy Passer - Known for throwing accurate flashy passes

Break Starter - Starts fastbreaks with accurate outlet passes

Pick & Roll Maestro - Known for orchestrating the pick & roll game as the ball-handler

Lob City Passer - Throws accurate alley-oop passes

Dimer - An elite passer known for hitting teammates in the correct position to score, giving them a boost on their shot %

Hustle Points - Known for immediately scoring following an offensive rebound near the basket

Scrapper - A hustle player who wins loose ball battles

Tenacious Rebounder - Relentless in going for rebounds

Perimeter Lock-down Defender - A defender that automatically counters the perimeter offensive badges of opponents

Post Lock-down Defender - A defender that automatically counters the interior scoring badges of opponents

Charge Card - Adept at placing himself in position to win charge calls

Pick Dodger - Doesn't get caught up on screens very easily

Interceptor - Adept at stealing passes

Pick Pocket - Known for his ability to strip the ball from a ball-handler

Eraser - Amazing shot blocker who counters inside-scoring badges of opponents

Chase Down Artist - Chases players down on fastbreaks and effectively swats their shots from behind

Bruiser - The physical nature of this player drains energy from his match-up

Brick Wall - Sets extremely effective screens

Linkage - http://www.operationsports.com/features/1963/full-list-and-description-of-nba-2k15-badges/

09-21-2014, 12:10 AM
I know it's a bit of work but i find it fun to think about while waiting for the game to come out. So here's a template for those who wish to copy and paste and then list a player/players for each or some of the badges after reading the descriptions...


Alpha Dog

Beta Dog

Road Dog

Prime Time

Cool and Collected


Fierce Competitor

Spark Plug


Mind Games



Heart and Soul

Floor General


Defensive Anchor




High Work Ethic

Legendary Work Ethic

All-Time Great

Low Ego

Keep it Real

Pat My Back



Laid Back

Skills(Bronze/Silver/Gold tiers for each of these)

Volume Shooter



Corner Specialist

Screen Outlet


Limitless Range

Bank Is Open

Fade Ace

Shot Creator

Lob City Finisher


Spin Lay-in


King of Euros


Tear Dropper

Post Spin Technician


Post Hoperator

Post Stepback Pro

Dreamlike Up and Under

Killer Crossover

Spin Kingpin

Stepback Freeze

Behind the Back Pro

Hesitation Stunner

Master of In and Out

Pet Move Sizeup

One Man Fastbreak

Transition Finisher

Flashy Passer

Break Starter

Pick & Roll Maestro

Lob City Passer


Hustle Points


Tenacious Rebounder

Perimeter Lock-down Defender

Post Lock-down Defender

Charge Card

Pick Dodger


Pick Pocket


Chase Down Artist


Brick Wall

09-21-2014, 12:31 AM
Please feel free to also just pick a player like this for example...


alpha dog, prime time, closer, fierce competitor, hardened

legendary work ethic, all-time great, keep it real, expressive, unpredicable

volume shooter(gold), deadeye(gold), fade ace(gold), shot creator(gold), transition finisher(silver), flashy passer(bronze)

ect...i know i probably left some out i just scanned the list quick for an example so don't jump on me kobe fans lol

09-21-2014, 04:11 AM
First, i think it's a good thing that players can have more than 5 of those like in 2k14, for a lot of players it wasn't enough
anyway here's my list of the first players that came to mind

Alpha Dog :Lebron (last year finals), KD, Kobe

Beta Dog: westbrook , lillard

Road Dog: Lamarcus

Prime Time: Duncan, Curry

Cool and Collected: a lot of players

Closer: Kobe, KD, Lebron, Melo, nowitzki

Fierce Competitor: Kobe, duncan, pierce

Spark Plug: lebron, kd, griffin, nowitzki

Swagger: westbrook, jamal crawford, nowitzki, harden

Mind Games : duncan (because you can't get into his head), kawhi, tony allen, garnett, rondo

Enforcer: garnett, dwight, noah

Mentor: duncan, garnett, lebron, kobe, noah

Heart and Soul: paul, lebron, kobe, duncan, nowitzki, rose, george

Floor General: lebron, kd, paul, parker

Hardened: kobe, david lee

Defensive Anchor: ibaka, howard, lebron, duncan,tyson chandler, noah


Friendly : paul, bosh, kd

Reserved: allen

High Work Ethic: kd, lebron

Legendary Work Ethic: kobe, duncan

All-Time Great: lebron, kobe, duncan....

Low Ego: wade, duncan, garnett, a lot of lesser players

Keep it Real: rondo and many others

Pat My Back : a lot, dwight maybe

Expressive: a lot, stephenson comes to mind for me

Unpredictable: stephenson FTW

Laid Back: dwight

Skills(Bronze/Silver/Gold tiers for each of these)

Volume Shooter: kobe , KD, george, melo, jr smith

Microwave: kd, kobe, melo, crawford, jr smith

Unfazed: same players

Corner Specialist: battier retired...

Screen Outlet: griffin

Deadeye: kd, kobe

Limitless Range: curry, kd

Bank Is Open: curry, kd, kobe, melo

Fade Ace: kobe?, nowitzki

Shot Creator: kd, kobe

Lob City Finisher: griffin/deandre, lebron

Posterizer: griffin, lebron

Spin Lay-in : parker

Hop-stepper: parker

King of Euros: harden, gino, wade like you said

Acrobat: iverson :-)

Tear Dropper: nash if he still can play, paul, parker

Post Spin Technician: good post players with a lot of moves close to the basket are rare, maybe duncan, jefferson

Drop-stepper "

Post Hoperator "

Post Stepback Pro "

Dreamlike Up and Under: hakeem, maybe jefferson but not many players nowadays

Killer Crossover: good ballhandlers like paul, curry, tyreke, parker, rose, westbrook, kyrie, rondo, wall, lillard...

Spin Kingpin: "

Stepback Freeze: "

Behind the Back Pro: nash

Hesitation Stunner: paul

Master of In and Out: paul

Pet Move Sizeup: westbrook, lebron, wade

One Man Fastbreak: lebron, westbrook, paul, parker

Transition Finisher: lebron, westbrook, paul

Flashy Passer: paul, rondo

Break Starter: duncan, dmc

Pick & Roll Maestro: paul !

Lob City Passer: paul !

Dimer: paul, rondo, maybe wall

Hustle Points: many good offensive rebounders

Scrapper: lee, several blue collar role players

Tenacious Rebounder: love, bogut, lee, howard, reggie evans.....

Perimeter Lock-down Defender: iggy, tony allen, kawhi leonard

Post Lock-down Defender: ibaka, howard

Charge Card: too bad battier retired :-), a lot of players are good at drawing offensive fouls ---> flopping, so a lot of euro players

Pick Dodger: the best perimeter defenders should also get that badge

Interceptor: paul, westbrook, rondo, lebron

Pick Pocket : paul, rondo

Eraser: ibaka, sanders, howard, the best shot blockers basically

Chase Down Artist: lebron, kawhi

Bruiser: strongest players, a few blue collar bench players also

Brick Wall: perkins and a few "bruisers"

09-22-2014, 06:04 PM
nice list ^. i took a stab at guessing lebron's game high 47 badges...

alpha dog
prime time
cool and collected
fierce competitor
floor general
defensive anchor

high work ethic
all-time great
pat my back
laid back

volume shooter (gold)
unfazed (silver)
deadeye (silver)
limitless range (gold)
fade ace (silver)
shot creator (gold)
lob city finisher (gold)
posterizer (gold)
spin lay-in (gold)
hop-stepper (gold)
acrobat (gold)
post spin technician (silver)
post hoperator (silver)
post stepback pro (gold)
stepback freeze (gold)
behind the back pro (bronze)
pet move sizeup (silver)
one man fastbreak (gold)
transition finisher (gold)
flashy passer (gold)
break starter (gold)
lob city passer (bronze)
dimer (bronze)
hustle points (bronze)
pick & roll maestro (gold)
tenacious rebounder (silver)
perimeter lock-down defender (gold)
pick dodger (bronze)
interceptor (gold)
pick pocket (bronze)
chase down artist (gold)