View Full Version : Anchors: Could a defender anchor a team against the Triangle O. LAL w/o wing help?

07-16-2014, 07:37 PM
The Orlando Magic had the defensive player of the year in Dwight Howard (at the height of his powers) and the leagues top ranked defense (101.9 defensive rating) going into the 2009 Finals. The Lakers were at the height of their powers and used the triangle to crash Orlandos defensive scheme.

Acknowledging Dwights excellent defensive campaign in 2009, could a different defensive post-player make a difference in this match up? Or are we to assume that Dwight was the best man for the job, and that the Magic just needed additional defensive personnel on the wing in order to slow down the Lakers?. In order to make a difference in this match-up, would a primary all-defensive team quality wing be a necessity? How frequent are scenarios where the lock down wing deserves as much credit as the anchor over the sum of a series?

I'm trying to consider examples where excellent wing defense (like Leonard in '14) could serve as nearly, or be just as impactful as that of 'the anchor'. never more important as the anchor due to the geometry of the court and basket, but right there, as the other glove.

What scenarios exist where this is even a possibility? Does it require the offensive team to have one of the leagues MVP caliber wings? Is it possible for a wing defender to rival the anchors impact without having the assignment of containing a MVP caliber wing? Has a wing ever free-safetyed themselves into series shattering defense?

With all the talk about defense on PSDs GOAT list, we should get specific in our talk about elite defense, anchors, and if wings can actually work themselves into the discussion.