View Full Version : Rules of a Sign and Trade In NBA

07-11-2014, 02:08 PM
Can someone please clarify the rules about a sign and trade of a free agent.

With Lebron Going Back to the Cavs, it brings up some interesting scenarios across the league.
He was originally sent to MIA via S&T.

Can MIA S&T him back for a second round pick (Top 59 protected) to obtain a traded players exception?
If he is S&T does Cleveland now operate as a capped team allowing them to use their MLE?

Can Bosh be S&T to Cleveland for Bennant Thompson and Two first round picks? (IMHO better than Love trade options)
Can Bosh be S&T to Houston for a traded player exception?

Boston just successfully used their TPE from the Nets trade to acquire two young assets and a first round pick for nothing but use of their salary cap.

All insight welcome