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06-20-2014, 10:47 PM
Magic Johnsons Lakers went to the Finals on and off for a entire decade. 9 Finals, 4 losses. From 1980-1991. Has not been duplicated since. As great as the modern Lakers and Spurs were they had big gaps in Finals appearances.

Will we ever see this again? The only way I can imagine this is if Miami keeps the core together. Other than that with free agency and the new collective bargaining agreement it just seems nearly impossible.

06-20-2014, 10:57 PM
I am going to say no, those days are long gone.

06-20-2014, 11:37 PM
If the Heat stay together, then yes. So I agree with the OP

06-21-2014, 01:58 AM
Maybe not 9 finals appearances but it depends on what u consider dominating a decade. I consider Jordans Bulls with 6 championships in the 90s to have dominated that decade.

Btw I like how u used Showtime Lakers as an example and failed to mention Russell's celtics 11 championships in 13 years

06-21-2014, 10:46 AM
Jordan's 90s Bulls dynasty dominated the decade, & probably won 2 or 3 less than they could have had MJ not retired in his prime, had he played the full 95 season & they had a PF, orlando found out in 1996 what difference a full season back for MJ made(swept), & had they stayed together for 1999. the torch was never passesd. they're invincible to me. they'll always be my favorite basketball team of all time, & really my favorite sports team overall ever

the Spurs have spread 5 titles out so long that they didn't dominate, buy my god that longevity is unbelievable

06-21-2014, 11:44 AM
-Nba's birth to '50:Minneapolis Lakers were the "first" team to dominate in a decade.
-'60:Celtics total domination,11 championships,I'd say they dominated their decade and no team is even close to do that.Lakers were their nemesis,but they lost anyway :(
-'70:it's the only decade that have multiple teams having great season,but no real team could be described as the most dominant. A lot of teams:Knicks(their best moment in Nba's history),Celtics,Lakers,Bucks,Walton's Blazers,Sonics,Bullets(!).
-'80:I'd say Lakers dominated this decade,but it wasn't like '60 Celtics. 5 championships,the best rivalry in the Nba of all time(Even if Kareem vs Chamberlain vs Russell was fun),Bird's Celtics and Bad Boys Pistons were close to them.Also,Philly as honorable mention. But yes,I give the edge to the Lakers in this decade.
-'90:Bulls domination.6 championship with the probably best player of all time(who also retired and then came back). Rockets were the 2nd best team in that decade,but MJ wasn't with the Bulls.
-'00:Lakers&Spurs domination.Lakers with 5 championships,7 Nba Finals;Spurs with 4 championships.
-'10:We have to see.Right now Heat are dominating,with 2 championships and 4 Nba Finals. We'll see next years.

Anyway,I'd say '10-'20 decade won't have a sheer dominator.It started with 3 different teams winning championships(Mavs,Heat and Spurs) and I can see more teams winning that before 2020. A lot of contenders in the West(Spurs,Okc,Lac,Gsw,Blazers etc and the free agency is just started),plus,if Lebron stays in the East,Miami will be always a contender.Pacers are still a decent team,if they can focus on bball instead of stupid personal and private "activities".Celtics FO is taking every pick they can get to build a good and young team in the East.Wizards looks like the 3rd best team in th East(Wall+Beal is a very very good backcourt).
These facts led me to think that this decade will be more like the '70.

06-21-2014, 03:20 PM
The 70's was the only decade where a single team didn't dominate.... so I say yes, it will happen again.

BOS = 60s
LAL & BOS = 80s
CHI = 90s
LAL & SAS = 00s

Had the Thunder been as lucky with last year's pick as the Lakers were with Worthy, then thye'd be set up for a few finals runs, and even without that they may be.

If a team manages to clear contracts following three years in the lottery where they did well, and then brings in a couple of quality vets with caps space while their emerging All-Stars are on rookie contracts, yes. It is easy (if you are lucky).

The 76ers have it right now. If they could move Thad Young and talk a couple of free agents into coming, they have last year's ROY and three first rounders starting next year (Noel and their two first rounders this year).

That is some serious talent....