View Full Version : If sale of Clippers goes through, Shelly Sterling gets nice package of odd perks

06-13-2014, 06:19 PM
Bolded part made me laugh

Shelly Sterling negotiated herself a pretty little package in the sale of the Clippers to Steve Ballmer.

Details had been slowly leaking, but Nathan Fenno and James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times reveal what looks to be a complete picture. Here’s what Shelly gets if the sale to Ballmer is approved:

Up to 10 percent of the sale price and 10 percent of annual revenues to go into the the Shelly Sterling Foundation, which she’d run
2 courtside tickets for each game
10 tickets in other sections for each game
12 VIP passes for each game
3 championship rings if the Clippers win a title
Two-year contracts for executives Gary Sacks, Carl Lahr and Eric Miller (Sterling’s son-in-law)
Title of “Owner Emeritus”
Title of “Clipper’s Number 1 Fan” (Somewhere, Clipper Darrell weeps)