View Full Version : In a game between the new vs the old school eras, what rules would they play by?

05-20-2014, 01:18 PM
Lets keep it simple, 90's guys vs 99-04 guys vs 05+ Guys (80's were too fluffy IMO)

The 90's kicked off the decade by bringing us the flagrant foul rule and the NBA made its first Hand-Check augment in 94 by removing the pressure from the baseline down to the foul line area (aka the Derek Harper rule). This was fairly significant rule change so even by the mid 90's you have to alter the game abit.

I think we can all agree that the shortened 3pt line should be erased from our memory banks, so lets not bring that up. For the 97 season, they finally allowed you to play alil zone so long as the ball was in the backcourt but once it crossed halfcourt, back to your man you went. With stagnant isolation clearouts spreading like a disease, the NBA began to allow a single defender to roam so long as he remained outside the key and his original man was at the top of the circle nearby his teammate. Its a confusing ruling, but basically the NBA wanted to punish simplistic clearouts without committing to full on zones.

So that ends the 90's guys

In the 2K era things start to get muggy. They allow any defense on the strong side, but weakside defenders have to stay within legal defensive position. They curtail perimeter contact in the backcourt tho. By 2002, the NBA said to hell with it and just outright removed illegal defense in its entirety. Instead, you can now position yourself freely but you're limited to 3 seconds in the key. More body contact is allowed so long as you dont impede a players progress.

The 1999-2004 era is pretty straightforward but the allowance of zones and still no presence of Hand Checking, make this a grueling era for all 1 on 1 players of any position IMO.

Then Hand Checking was removed in its entirety and we have what we have today, more of a perimeter driven game but one that relys on penetration to open up shots.

What kind of rules would you allow, what would be the best compromise?

05-20-2014, 05:07 PM
Nice recap. Some of those things I wasn't aware of.

Can you explain this part?

"and the NBA made its first Hand-Check augment in 94 by removing the pressure from the baseline down to the foul line area (aka the Derek Harper rule). This was fairly significant rule change so even by the mid 90's you have to alter the game abit"

What was the Harper rule?

05-20-2014, 05:27 PM
I think they should keep zone defenses but allow some hand-checking once again. I am sensitive to how this would drive down scoring - but do we really want a 110-105 game with 35 FTs instead of a 95-90 game with 20?

The way they do it in the NCAA now (ostensibly) is that a defender cannot ever have 2 hands on his man when he has the ball, but one is okay. I sort of like that if we could call it consistently. I think there has to be a middle ground, because all season long in the NBA we had periodic free throw contests (usually when teams like the Rockets and Thunder play) next to a game with 20 FTs for both teams combined. The thing I don't like about the NCAA rule is how they call the "freedom of motion" on the drives. Basically they've changed the rule so that you cannot touch at all on the drive and even charge calls are sometimes not given. That can't be right.

I think consistency of calls need to be crucial. These days, zone defenses have made it so driving to the basket like a maniac will not be rewarded - if you are disciplined and if the game is not being rigged with star calls. I think we just need to coach our post defenders better - if you want a lesson just watch Tim Duncan roam the paint.

The original worry of zone defenses was clogging the paint and having a slow-paced grind. With all the shooters that every team is trying to get these days, though, I think the NBA will work its way out of those problems. That's just basketball 101 - if a team is playing zone and you're struggling against it you either need to punish them on the offensive boards or shoot. If college coaches are good enough to get college players to do this you'd think the best athletes in the world could. The problem is most of them aren't coachable (thanks AAU).

05-21-2014, 12:42 AM
What was the Harper rule?

Derek Harper was a notorious hand checker, the NBA didn't literally call it that but IIRC, NBC announcers at the time mentioned how it was pretty much done in response to what the league was witnessing with him in the Finals. It was said in jest but there was some truth to it, dude was a great defender back then, to this day, Kenny Smith still has nightmares about him.

That said, hand checking was really cut down at the start of the 80's, right in time for show time. Before then, players used to get away with alot more contact.