View Full Version : MVP voting vs. ASG selection

05-06-2014, 02:09 PM
The votes are in


The scoring ranked the players as follows:

1: KD
2: LBJ
3: Blake
4: Joakim Noah
5: Jimmy Harden
6: Curry
7: CP3
8: Al Jefferson
9: George Paul
10: LMA
11: Kevin Love
12: Tim Duncan
13: Tony Parker
14: Dirk
15: Melo
16: Dragic
17: Mike Conley

Of those players, only three missed out on the ASG: Al Jefferson, Goran Dragic nd Mike Conley.

It makes sense that Dragic and Conley missed out since Stephen Curry, Chris Paul and Tony Parker all play the same position.

Al Jefferson, though, missed the ASG and several front court players who didn't even rank in the MVP voting made the team: Chris Bosh, Paul Milsap and Roy Hibbert.

Of the players that ranked in the MVP voting, which do you think got robbed of an All-Star appearance this year?

05-06-2014, 03:07 PM
Al has really come on after the all star break 20-10 on 49% shooting leading up to it, 24-12 on 53% shooting since. Also he missed 10 or so games early in the year. I think he probably deserved a spot, but not as big of a snub like it appears now.

I think he'll make it next year based off his end of year performance this year, just like Hibbert did this season.