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04-21-2014, 01:23 PM
Most bad coaches are easy to forget, but because of the high profile teams hes led, Brown will be a lasting stain in NBA history. A regretful career filled with many mistakes, Im sure, but which were the dumbest of the litter?

For me, 2 stand out as true signs of ineptitude. Here are Mike Brown's dafuq moments

1)Princeton for simpleton Dwight
Being gifted Steve Nash/Howard to a team with Kobe/Pau, and deciding to run the Princeton has to be viewed as an utter failure. Not that it couldn't be effective, but a coach should maximize the unit, you dont do that by running sets that bring your bigs to the elbows, not when the guy you are asking to make decisions is Dwight. Essentially, he was gifted the greatest PnR PG of his generation one of the best all around scorers who requires post touches and a traditional center, and he decides to maximize Pau Gasol's game.

Mike Brown put aside his ego to enlist the help of Eddie Jordan, he had learned from years past, any offense someone else can draw up, is better for his team:

But he chose the wrong one, injuries derailed the Lakers season, but does anyone really think the offensive philosophy was sound? Mike D'Antoni arguably came up with a better offense and even it needed to be scrapped for the late season push. If you've listened to Nash talk about it, he would tell you its a beautiful offense, just one that wasn't necessary given the talent of the team.

2) The Cleveland Mis-Shaq (Get it, instead of mishap)
Yet another example of Mike Brown being gifted a traditional post player and not understanding basic basketball geometry. Cleveland had won 66 games the year prior but was unable to contain the onslaught Dwight(+shooters) reserved solely for that team. They concluded Orlando was their greatest threat given that KG was now coming off a major injury. So management brought him someone who could defend Dwight 1 on 1 and even go back at him on the other end.

The problem with adding Shaq was that he was replacing their PF. Which meant you could do one of 2 things, the smart thing or start them both. Not surprisingly Brown actually decided to start the laughably slow combo of Big-Z+Shaq and then proceeded to watch his team get torched defensively

After a few games he went with the more mobile Anderson Varajeo. Only to watch the team struggle with their spacing offensively.
To his credit, he recognized that neither would be the solution and rather than put Shaq on the bench, found a frontcourt partner who had the athleticism to compliment Shaq's lack of mobility, that guy was JJ Hickson. This revelation served the dual purpose of finding a way to integrate Shaq with the starters and allowing them to trot out a 2nd unit of Big Z and AV, in essence it gave the Cavs the ability to switch back to the year prior version of themselves. Brilliant.... even though it should have been obvious from the start that Big Z plus Shaq would never work, and that the budding young talent was the best option for Shaq.

And even though that should have been the end of the lineup quandary, the Cavs made a midseason move for Antawn Jamison and further complicated matters for Brown's delicate mind. Deciding it best to mess with a good thing, Brown chose to throw Antawn and Shaq together right before the playoffs. Antawn was exposed defensively come playoffs by KG. This is what led to Brons departure.

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Brown or Woodson ?

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Urmmmm who?

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Oh yeah, Mike Brown. Still lingering from the 4.20 Easter bonanza

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I'm confused.

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Woodson,my friend?A freudian slip maybe?:D

Anyway Brown biggest failure was sticking to his principles and ideas in any situation,this guy is the ****in Hegel of basketball.

The Lakers one is maybe the best example,but I want to point out also how he handled Bennet.
I'm walking on thin ice,but I want to be the devil's advocate for once and say that the Bennett's failure was partially on Brown.
He was 1st pick in a overall weak draft(and surely he shouldn't be picked that high).
But,he was a good player in the Ncaa and has the tools to be a player in the Nba.Probably he's very fragile psychologically,a glaring weakness of his imo.
But above all he was a PF. Now,explain to me why the **** Mr.Potato played him as small forward at the start of his career in the Nba. He didn't play a lot of games,but tell me why do you do that in the first place. It's utterly ignorance.
And so,for Bennet imo,was a brutal strike psychologically being targeted as maybe one of the worst 1st pick of all time.So his decline started,even playing at PF. That's why I say that partially it's on Brown.
But there are a lot more that must be taken as examples.

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I'm confused.

Guys seriously, bet the farm on the Clippers tonight.

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Oh Brown.

Probably pulling Bynum for taking a wide open, uncontested three pointer. It was a good shot.

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Guys seriously, bet the farm on the Clippers tonight.

Lol good luck with that.

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Becoming a coach.

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He's not as bad as people make out. His flaws are magnified by people, any positives he has ever had are downplayed.

He's an NBA caliber coach, not top 20 or anything, but he has his place.

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Mike Brown
Mike D'Antoni
Mike Woodson


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Mike Brown in playoffs: "Just give the ball to LeBron".

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He was coaching teams expecting greatness and he wasn't great.

I don't think many coaches win series or a lot more games than an average coach. There's a few out there who are special. But most do what you would expect based on what you give them.

He won some games and playoff games when he had some pretty talented teams in NY and ATL, and he lost when they weren't good or to better teams.

But he isn't a guy you say "wow, I can't believe we just got Mike Woodson to coach our team".

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mike woodson says hi

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Not being fair and holding everyone accountable. Oops thought it was a Woodson thread