View Full Version : Would Joe Dumars have had more success with an ownership willing to spend?

04-08-2014, 11:28 AM
Joe Dumars may resign, or he may be fired. The signings of Charlie-V and Ben Gordon, and eventual signing of Josh Smith, couple with drafting Darko or Melo, Wade and Bosh, as well as picking up Knight instead of Klay, have all been reasons why people have recently been dismissive of the work Dumars has done.

But that said, Dumars is the ONLY current executive to put together a team that made 6 straight conference finals appearances. He is one of only three exec to put a team in back-to-back finals, and one of only 5 current execs to win a championships. That is an elite list.

The Pistons down fall started when the owner didn't want to pay Okur, and the following season didn't want to pay Ben Wallace.

Free agents looking for contenders were willing to sign with Detroit (McDysse), but once ownership let Big Ben walk, players knew they weren't willing to spend to keep winning. Dumars did a decent job of keeping the team competitive.

In recent years, Dumars has had several lottery picks, but none higher than the 7th pick. Still, he has managed to pick up the two best big men available each time: Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. He's also shows some good taste with late picks: Jonas Jerebko, Chase Bundinger, Kyle Singler and aaron Afflalo.

He does have an eye for talent, and the Josh Smith signing.... nobody could have predicted his FG% would drop that much, though the Jennings trade was not good.

If Dumars had an ownership that would spend, they could have kept Okur and Wallace, and that may have allowed them to bring in more quality role players via free agency.

Do you think that Dumars would have done better with a guy willing to spend? Is he a great exec? an average exec that got luck? Or a bad exec that got lucky?

04-08-2014, 11:58 AM
Problem was Pistons did spend, just on the wrong players.

CV, BG and Josh. Horrible wastes of money and capspace.

Not signing Ben Wallace for that money was a good thing.

And the Okur business was on Larry Brown, not Dumars, not that Okur was anything too special.