View Full Version : Max Salaries, Rookie deals and the concept of being overpaid...

03-31-2014, 09:58 AM
It seems like every year, the idea of players being overpaid is bandied about in various threads. It seems like there's always a post where someone says, "XXX was crazy to sign YYY at $$$", or that "XXX is the worst contract in basketball".

So I was thinking, how much of that is driven by a perception of pure value, and how much is driven by the concept of relative value? It's been argued that the top "superstars" are under paid relative to their contributions on the court and bottom line and Rookie contracts are basically slave labor. Does this automatically create a different standard of "overpaid"?

In other words, how much is your viewpoint impacted by how much the Max players get paid and the Rookie contracts get paid?

Here is the hypothetical situation... imagine there's NO individual player salary cap.

Lebron is making $40M/year
KD is making $30M/year
Wade is on the tail end of a $35M/year contract

Is Kobe's $24M STILL overpaid? How about Melo at $23M? Rubio at $10M? Joe Johnson at $21.5M?

Thoughts? Are your views primarily driven by what you think a player's play is worth as an abstract amount? Or driven more by the constrained salaries of Rookie deal players and Superstar max contracts?

03-31-2014, 11:16 PM
These contracts are holding the team back...example the big three..have a horrible surounding cast because of the big three