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03-09-2014, 10:24 PM
Watched the tape, and really not that impressed. *oooof* Griffin two handed dunks again. *wheeeee* you won a game. Ok here's what I want to say: Doc Rivers is trying to pile on, in his way, to help drum Dantoni out of town because he senses, correctly, that Dantoni with a retooled roster and the leash off next year will be a huge competitor to the Clippers and probably finish with a better record.

And 48 point loss, who cares? Listening to Stephen A. Smith and whoever else blabbering on about it... seriously? I remember the Lakers losing games by 40 to Boston in the Finals and still wound up winning. Seriously... how long you been watching the NBA? A game gets out of reach, the other team is hot, the coach keeps foot on the gas... 40 point loss is just 6 FGs and 8 FTs more than a 20 point loss. It's just one loss. It's hardly a world historical event.

And dumbass Doc Rivers has irked me enough with his running up of the score that I am willing to offer a sig-bet, unconditionally, first come first serve, that the LAKERS (probably with Dantoni, but also without him if he is let go, which I am 99% sure won't happen under the steady, patient leadership of Mitch Kupchak) will win another NBA title before the Clippers ever win one.

Simple as that: Lakers win another title first, and I will literally eat my hat (as long as it's made of rasberry licorice) if Doc Rivers wins a title in Los Angeles. I'm not even going into the reasons I see for this, but I will just bump this thread this year after the Clippers get knocked out of the playoffs, next year when they get knocked out, the year after that when they get knocked out, etc. FOREVER!!!

Seriously, fly in from Boston, join the Clippers and start talking trash. Run up the score in a meaningless home game. *wheeeeee* Wow, yeah, that Clipper winning tradition is just so impressive. Rivers has brought such an amazing culture of winning to Los Angeles. *LOL* The Lakers have 17 banners that you have to cover up during everyone of your "home" games with little photoshop promo posters. The Lakers are a deep inexhaustible well of winning tradition and will rise again next year with Dantoni at the helm, a healthy Kobe and possibly Steve Nash, and a retooled and fine-tuned roster, along with the most sophisticated offense in the league, giving the other teams something new to copy for the next ten years.

03-09-2014, 10:41 PM
Loool so sad its funny

03-09-2014, 10:47 PM
If the game was yesterday I'd just move this to the game thread. This is just a complaint thread that'll lead to some arguments. Gonna close it before it gets there.