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This year the Bulls' Forum held a Mock-Trade deadline game. During this game, due to there being some really bad teams, some rosters were combined with others to increase parity. All teams made the playoffs. Users acted as GMs and tried to improve their team primarily through trade. All players are 100% healthy in these scenarios. So, in a 7-game series which team would win?

2. Oklahoma City
PG: Russell Westbrook - Reggie Jackson - Derek Fisher
SG: Kevin Martin - Thabo Sefolosha
SF: Kevin Durant - Rashard Lewis - Andre Roberson
PF: Paul Millsap - Nick Collison - Perry Jones
C: Tiago Splitter - Steven Adams - Hasheem Thabeet

3. Houston
PG: Tony Parker - Shaun Livingston
SG: Manu Ginobili - Kyle Korver
SF: Jimmy Butler - Danny Granger - Matt Barnes
PF: Kevin Love - Kenyon Martin - Greg Smith
C: Joakim Noah - Kosta Koufus - Byron Mullens

Oklahoma City has Home-court advantage

Houston Write-Up
Hi guys,

Please take some time a look at the point im about to write,

I have tried to play this game using a team concept, a team that fits together and performs as a team.

At the end i came up with a team that can perform at EVERY ASPECT of the game.

We can Rebound really well
Streatch the game
Shoot from deep
Play strong Defense
Move the ball
Share the ball
You name it!

But there is more i looked for my team.
I made a strong effort to get "Team Players" instead of "Self centered" players that can put stats, but wont give you a great TEAM FIT.

A quick information from my team players:
- Parker is making his best 3pt shooting in his career
- Parker has become a good FT shooter
- Parker Per36 Stats are close to what he performs on his best years
- Manu and Parker have played together for 12 Years now! This Backcourt can play together with their eyes closed
- Manu and Parker can both handle the ball, play solid Defense and creat their shot.
- Jimmy Butler is making a career high of 12.5ppg
- Jimmy butler is one of the best defensive SF with quick feet
- Love is making a Career year in ppg 26.6
- Love is shooting 38% !!! from 3pt
- Love is one of the best (the best?) PF revounders
- Love is making a career year in ast per game. 4.1
- Love - Noah is the best FC in this game.
- Love - Noah can BOTH pass the ball
- LOve - Noah are rebound monsters (combined they grab 24.7)
- NOAH is one of the best passing Centers in the game
- NOAH is a team and lockerroom leader
- NOAH makes everyone else better on the team
- NOAH is making a career best in ppg (12.1).
- FT are NOT a weekness in NOAH. Teams cant explore that!
- NOAH is making a career high of 4.6 ast per game. He is being known as the "Point Center"
- NOAH is making a career high in REbounds (11.5)

- Livingstone can cover up for Parker. He is experienced, and he is making a good year.
- Livingstone sets up their team well and guard the ball well
- Livingstone is a 67 PG!
- Korver is making his best year in ppg since 2007
- Korver is the best 3pt shooter in the league
- Korver can play SF or SG. He can play 30 min in those 2 spots
- Korver - Love makes the best floor stretch in the game
- Korver is making a career best in ast per game
- Granger will not see the court much
- Granger had a bad injuries, bur remenber: NO INJURIES in this game
- Granger even strugling BECAUSE OF THE INJURY he had, can still put 10 decent minutes.
- If Granger doesnt perform on his 10 minutes of fame, Matt Barnes will bring his Defense and energy into the game.
- Kenyon Martin can back for Love for 10-15 minutes.
- Kenyon Martin plays decent Defense. That will be his role
- Koufus will not see the floor more than 15-18 minutes. NOAH can play 35.
- Koufus is 70 tall and can rebound well
- Koufus is really good around the board, covering Noah Really well

You need to ask yourselves is, should OKC win this just because they have DURANT?
IS OKC TEAM better than mine overall?
Did Lebron won in Cleveland?
Has Durant won anything yet?

To be honest, im a huge Durant Fan. Really!
But this matchup is BAD for OKC!

- My Frountcourt will dominate their FC in every aspect in the game.
- It seems even more dominating since THEY TRADED IBAKA FOR MILLSAP!
- Kevin Love will make Millsap feel misarable.
- Defensively, if Love somehow strugles in this series against Millsap, NOAH will switch and be all over him.
- Durant will face one of the best defensive SF in the game.
- Durant will not have easy days in this series.
- Wetbrook is not a perfect fit with Durant.
- OKC is loosing more games with Westbrook than without him
- My Backcourt can control their backcourt defensively. Parker-Manu have been playing together forever!
- Martin - Korver will be a 3pt contest. Guess WHO is the best 3pt shooter? Thats right
- Both Westbrook and Martin make lots of Turnovers! They cant guard the ball. Guess what? My Backcourt and Jimmy can make fast brakes really well!

The basic idea is that My Backcourt can play with their eyes closed and matchup really well with OKC, Jimmy will be the best defensive SF Durant could face and my Frontcourt is much much better than OKC. Better in everything!

Dont vote for OKC just because they have DURANT. This game is a TEAM GAME and MY TEAM IS BETTER!

Thank you

PS: Sorry for some wrong english. Im from Portugal

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There's no poll

03-03-2014, 12:10 AM
Houston. This was an easy one.

03-03-2014, 12:53 AM
OKC messed up. They're essentially a ****** version of their team 2 years ago. Why are they ranked ahead of Hou? Milsap or Splitter are incredibly wasted on that roster. No shots to go around.

Hou wins easy

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Whoever the Houston GM is did a great job. They took a talented team and shook it up and completely balanced it out with players that fit together perfectly. Definite contender for the title.

03-03-2014, 04:46 PM
Touro is HOU's GM

03-03-2014, 08:35 PM
Whoever the Houston GM is did a great job. They took a talented team and shook it up and completely balanced it out with players that fit together perfectly. Definite contender for the title.

Thanks man :). Thats exactly what i tried to do.

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Voting closes in 5 hours

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HOU advances to the conference finals