View Full Version : What Kyrie Irving being the All-Star MVP might be a bad thing for Cleveland.

02-17-2014, 02:50 PM
First of all, All-Star week is a joke. It's a popularity contest, not a who's the best of the best contest. I feel like in a time where analytic's are used for everything. Why not have the reserves at least chosen this way.

For example, Whom, out of the people not chosen by popularity, has the best offensive/defensive stats and are the most integral to their teams success. Ok... I'll stop there. This All-Star choosing process is so ridiculous. If you have a Nike commercial currently on TV (particularly if they've created a new "Alter Ego" for you) most likely you will be an all-star. People love what they know...

Now onto the NBA All-Star week 2014. Wow, that was boring. I actually finally agreed with Kenny though. I do think the slam dunk contest was going in the right track. It just needed 1 more round to really have a winner.

For the All- Star game I would love to see something harkening back to the old Motumbo years... the guy got in because he was a defensive player. So he did what got hime there... actually blocked people and played defense. YES... in an All-Star game!!!

In the All-Star game every year it's the same ... some guard gets it in their mind that they want to be the MVP and start hogging the ball and jacking up shots. Sure, for the first quarters they may give a highlight alley-oop to some of the post players running the floor or possibly another really famous teammate... but this is just to pad the other categories for their All-Star Stats. Which is really easy to do early on because of the non-existent defense.

This year the ball hogging award goes to Kevin Durrant and Kyrie Irving. Only Blake Griffth had no control of who touched the ball and still got over 30 points. (But did you notice how Durrant started jacking up a lot more shots at the end to get close to Blake's score?) I'm not even a Blake fan. But he got his points by being a teammate. Kudos Blake..Kudos.

In the final quarter when the East made their push, it was just a hog fest. Durrant vs Kyrie.

Kyrie Iring is certainly deserved of being an all-star and is definitely a talented player. But he is one of the worst teammates in regards to getting everyone involved. If you haven't seen a Cleveland game this year, this is how it usually goes. First 2 quarters... Kyrie distributes the ball... the team is in the game (he often gets about 6-8 assists in the first 2 quarters) he is amazing, one of the best point guards in existence.

The last 2 quarters of a game. Kryie (and Dion Wiaters) Start jacking up shots and everyone else on the team gets cold.... Cleveland looses by 10-20 points... except on the games where Kyrie (and or Dion) is shooting a high percentage (Kyrie usually only adds maybe 2-3 assists in the 2nd half... seriously? What the heck is with that?)

In my opinion Point guards, should be distributing and getting their team involved. (I'm a huge Mark Jackson and John Stockton fan, cuz this is what they did) If they are a star like Kyrie is, they should then take over in moments when his team is in a scoring slump. Not cause a scoring slump because you've taken so many shots and missed that by the time you heat up the rest of your team is cold.

Hence the point of this... now that he's the MVP of the All-Star game. How can anyone on his team go "Yo, dude... pass me the ball?"

Mr. Potato Head (Brown) is most likely not going to be the coach much longer. But the real problem is you have 2 guards Kyrie and Dion who've got sticky hands. I think much like the Raptors did with Rudy Gay you trade one Dion and then have a little talk to Kyrie about getting your teammates involved... and suddenly you have a winning franchise.

I'm hoping Kryie doesn't let this MVP get to his head. Someone needs to tell him you can still be an NBA supper star by getting 16 points and 16 assists, playing great defense... And yes, even scoring less we will still give you permission to take those critical last minute buzzer beating shots.