View Full Version : Has Team Rebounding Become an Irrelevant Stat in this New Age of NBA Small Ball?

02-06-2014, 03:30 AM
Tonight's game against the Clippers, on the road, the 2x defending champs went out and had a comfortable lead of 18 at one point I believe and ended up winning the game by 4 against a very good Clipper team (even without Chris Paul).

But then I look at the box score, and I see the team rebounding numbers:

Clippers: 52

Heat: 31

That is a 21 rebound disparity, and yet for 90% of the game, the Heat led comfortably and then ended up winning.

The Heat are dead last in the NBA in rebounds per game, I think they've been towards the bottom the previous 3 yrs as well, and they've gotten killed on the glass in the last 3 post seasons, but that hasn't stopped them from dominating and winning titles.

The game has changed drastically from even 4-5 yrs ago. The small ball, 1 big/semi-big 4 out, pick and roll, floor spacing up tempo young man's league is now the dominant brand of basketball in the association.

Things like rebounding etc. used to play a huge role and was instrumental to a team's success.

But when I see this Heat team, they can get killed on the boards and lead or win a game by 20.

Just like the role of the big man is slowly disappearing, do you feel the whole notion of team rebounding is disappearing as well? Because it doesn't seem like it's as impactful of a stat or aspect of the game as it once used to.

02-06-2014, 03:48 AM
They make up for the rebounding difference by being so efficient as a team.