View Full Version : Fantasy League Needs Owners!

02-04-2014, 06:49 PM

I have been running keeper and dynasty leagues for nearly 20 years, and want to put out an open invitation to anybody that would like to consider joining a league that I am starting this year.

The gist of the league is that this is going to be a 10 team Roto league hosted by Yahoo. 6x6 categories (Holds on the P side, OBP on the O side) We will hold our draft starting in a few weeks, give or take, via a Yahoo Groups message board, or via the app/website GroupMe.

With a message board draft it requires a HUGE amount of commitment. I don't want Joe every guy. I want people that are deeply committed to fantasy baseball, as corny as that sounds.

This will require that you check your email, and the message board *constantly*, thus, you need to have a smartphone, or tablet, or whatever, and not work in an environment that requires you to be away from the internet for too long. No 9-5 er's that can't check their email until they get home.

If that sounds like you than email me. DO NOT PM ME HERE. My email is brewcrewstyle@yahoo.com

4 spots already spoken for, 6 open.