View Full Version : behavior restriction of NBA players ?

01-25-2014, 06:45 AM
To be honest, I am confused by some behaviors of some players.JR took drugs, drunk drove, untied others 'shoe lace ;Harden went to the night club during 2012 Finals and some fans believed this had a lot to do with his cold performance ;Bynum went bowling ,which was the final straw of his fragile knee and put him off court for more than one season. The examples are too numerous to list.
Yes, the examples I cited above may just have happened to a minority of players. some guys are good citizens who observe the laws and morality, or to say the least, the messes they make are almost negligible.
The league always fine players for their misbehaviours after they happened. 10k, 50k....which is not a big deal for these players who make millions of dollars each year
For some stars, like super models, they have restrictive clauses in their contracts telling them not to go to certain dangerous places ,not to eat high fat food. If they disobey the rules and make a mess, they will be fined an enormous mount of money .
Now lets come back to the NBA, are there any restrictive clauses in the contracts to prevent the inappropriate behaviors from happening ?

01-25-2014, 07:40 AM
I have a weird idea, maybe this is the strategy of Stern ?let the antics and scandals take up a part of the newspaper page so as to attract the eyes of the general public. What makes me think like this is that Cuban once said that the common hatred against the Heat raises the popularity of the league. Yeah, the NBA needs news...