View Full Version : Bills, body autonomy of injured NBA players

01-25-2014, 06:15 AM
NBA players are paid well,ranging from less than 1mil to 30 mil a year (before tax)
and they get hurt frequently, like twisting arms, ankles and tearing ACL. Injury is a very tremendous factor, and the fact that it takes a toll on the Bulls, Lakers is a case in point.
when the players get injured, do they need to pay the bills ?
If yes, is it partly or 100%?
If no, then the team or the insurance company pay for them. Do players have a say on deciding the doctors and healing plan ?If i am not mistaken, I remember that T-Mac went to have his surgery without telling the FO of Rockets and it really irritated both FO and fans because it meant T-Mac would lose his explosiveness for good. Do players have 100 % body autonomy when get injured ?Are there any restrictive clauses related to this ?