View Full Version : Official 2013-2014 Tanking Thread

12-22-2013, 12:13 PM
Alright, I figured I would create this thread for us fans of irrelevant teams to talk about the amazing draft class coming up, with potentially 6 star prospects.

This thread is strictly for the future of the NBA.


12-22-2013, 12:15 PM
With that being said, I really want Larry Sanders to come back healthy soon to ship his *** out for decent value in the off season and draft Embid. That guy is so damn good. Imagine 7-0 Giannis at SF, 6-11 Henson at PF and 7-0 Embid at C. I believe Embid has the highest potential of anyone out of the draft class.

The one thing that goes against what I believe is that the Bradley Center lease expires in 2017 so Kohl will be pressured to take the player with biggest immediate impact.