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11-25-2013, 10:01 PM
Does anyone see Ben Cherrington doing anything this offseason. I mean the guys that they were interested in they just let them go. The free agents, haven't heard any news about them except that they wont give Salty more than 2 years, which I agree not to bring back but now the catchers remaining are getting worse. Plus, they keep talking about not blocking prospects however they have all these starting pitchers. They have no power bats to protect Ortiz. The bullpen needs work. Koji was dominant as a closer but this is the first time he has been a closer. Should he pursue a closer. And what about the outfield. Everyone rants about JBJ. I think he is going to be like a Lars Anderson type of player. He stunk when played in the majors and I've been to plenty of Pawtucket games and I don't feel he will do good in the majors. Sliding Victorino over to CF is a possibility but hes a perfect fit for right field. First base, seems like nothing is going on with Napoli except for he keeps saying he would like to play but no updates. Does anyone think a big blockbuster trade will happen? If so with whom. I would say go for Trumbo, Jepsen and Ianetta or for Stanton or even Headley as long as an extension is agreed upon. Whatever the deal I would automatically include Allen Webster as he is not a proven ace. Maybe bid on Tanaka? I don't think he will be a Dice-K. But what does anyone else think. With the additions of other teams are making, this may be the season where everyone thought we would have been this year. Ben did make a lot of great additions who put up great numbers however, they wont be consistent. Please tell me your thoughts?

11-26-2013, 02:24 AM
Hey man, check out the "2014 Offseason Thread." A lot of this discussion is going on over there.