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11-02-2013, 07:03 PM
We are three University of Illinois students working on an entrepreneur project based on the allocation of season tickets. The goal of our project is to make a website that makes the management of season tickets user friendly and economically efficient.

1. Do you have any other season tickets besides NBA's?

2. How many games out of the total number of games would you estimate you attended?

3. How many would you estimate you sold?

4. How many would you estimate you gave away?

5. How many would you estimate you let go to waste?

6. If you sold tickets what website did you use/ prefer to use? Ex: StubHub, Vivid, GoldCoast Tickets, Ebay, Ticketmaster, Ticketexchange, other (indicate)

7. If you sell/sold your tickets, did you list on a weekly basis? Ex: I list tickets two days before the event.

8. Do you list tickets for multiple events at one time? Ex: I list for events on an individual basis.

The answers should be in the following format.

1. Yes/No

2. 15


Thank you and we hope this works out and facilitates our lives!