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11-01-2013, 05:58 PM
Every year the Bulls' Forum holds a game where GM's creates the best team via a clean slated fantasy, snake-draft and also by means of trade. At the end of the game, GMs voted on how they believed the regular season of this game would shake up. These are the playoffs of the Bulls' Forum 2013 NBA Re-Draft.

Please take the time to consider each line up, the match-up itself, and vote on which team you believe would win in a seven game series. Some teams have written their own "write-ups" detailing why they should win this series.


1. Jericho
G: Jrue Holiday - Nate Robinson
G: J.J. Redick - John Jenkins - Marquis Daniels
F: Kevin Durant - Earl Clark
F: Thaddeus Young - Patrick Patterson
C: Larry Sanders - Jason Thompson - Gustavo Ayon

3. El Paso
PG: Kyrie Irving - Jerryd Bayless
SG: Nicolas Batum - Jodie Meeks - Alec Burks
SF: Kawhi Leonard - Corey Brewer - Tobias Harris
PF: Carlos Boozer - Tyler Hansbrough
C: Emeka Okafor - Chris Andersen

***No Write-Ups

11-01-2013, 11:21 PM
Damn forgot writeups again. Ok let me just say my thing.

Kyrie and Jrue will be one hell of a matchup but Kyrie will most likely be a more effective scorer for this team. Both doesnt play defense particularly well but Kyrie > Jrue on the Offense.

Batum and Reddick, Batum has size, speed, length, and probably better strength. Batum is a great defender and good 3rd or 4th option for the team. He will be able to utilize his advantages over Redick.

Leonard and Durant. It's inarguable that Durant is a better player, but let's not forget what Leonard was able to do to LeBron in the Finals last year. He didn't lock him down totally but he definitely slowed LeBron, the best player in the league, whos also bigger, stronger and probably faster than Durant. I think Kawhi will show great abilities in slowing down Durant as well.

Boozer and Young, Boozer is easily a double double guy, and can score quite efficiently, spreading the floor well for my team. Thad Young may not be able to do the same though.

Okafor and Sander, Well let's say both have nearly 0 offense. If you had to compare I'd say Okafor might even have a better offense than Sanders. On the defensive side, Okafor is a great help side defender, though he wasnt the same okafor as he was back then but hes still a good defender. Sander can get you the blocks but not sure what else he can bring for the team.

El Paso Bench and Jericho Bench,
Just look at our benches, my bench is full of energy guys, and 3 guys that can hit the occasional 3, they are all hustle and will easily help bring my team over Jerichos if they faced off.

I know someone will have in mind that Durant is on one team and that he has great supporting casts, but cmon lets look at the team he has now compared to the team he had in OKC.... Jackson and Jrue , Kevin Martin and Redick, Ibaka and Sanders, Perkins and Thad young. Like the supporting casts are relatively the same, and it really depends how you see it.

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2 hours left

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Frick I lost.... =( this is such a drag... Good match Brent and goodluck in the finals!
This is the furthest I've made it in a game on PSD =P