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10-20-2013, 01:18 PM
Biron announces retirement

As has been anticipated since he cleared waivers on Tuesday, Marty Biron announced his retirement from the NHL today after 16 seasons with the Sabres, Flyers, Islanders and the Rangers.

The affable Biron, 36, who signed to be Henrik Lundqvistís backup prior to the 2010-11 season, is no doubt headed toward a broadcasting career now since he was one of the leagueís all-time great talkers. That, in no means, was a bad thing. Anybody lucky enough around the NHL to meet or get to know Biron was considerably better off for that opportunity.

Biron went 230-191-25-27 with a 2.62 goals-against average, .910 save percentage, and 28 shutouts. Biron is one of only 12 goalies in NHL history with a career save percentage of .910 or better while appearing in at least 500 games.

Via his twitter account, @martybiron43, Biron announced his retirement by saying, ďAfter thinking about it it with my family, Iíve decided to retire as a player and move on to a new chapter. Thank you all for your support.Ē

Thereís little doubt Bironís ďnew chapterĒ will involve broadcasting given his talent at speaking.

The one thing you knew if you approached Biron in the dressing room (more so on an off day, Biron was actually quite focused and preferred to not talk on days he was going to play), was the ensuing conversation would be an interesting one, a potentially long one, would go in directions you didnít expect, would be an amusing one, quite often would include funny tales from junior hockey, and you would feel like you understood hockey a little bit better after the chat. That is, if you could hear what Biron was saying as he unrolled mile after mile of tape from around his ankles.

Bironís interests were certainly far ranging and the knowledge he accumulated as an NHL player, observing as a backup, his experience as a starter, will make him well suited to analyze the game on television or radio.

Biron, of course, is fluent in both French and English but, as a native of Quebec, most likely will be able to translate his talents into a role on a French-speaking media **.

10-20-2013, 01:26 PM
Biron was a quality backup goaltender during his time with the Rangers. He played his role well and was obviously a good teammate to his friends. I can't help but wonder what has been going on in his life this season to lead him to miss a part of training camp and, then, announce his retirement rather than win back a spot with the team. Anyway, I wish him and his family the best.

Do you think Talbot will be our backup or will management opt for his ontinued playing tim ein the AHL and sign a journeyman goalie? With this being a heavy year of international competition for Hank, it is actually an important season to have a quality backup netminder who can give a #1 goalie much needed rest.

10-20-2013, 01:39 PM
Marty was a great guy to have on the team but in the last season and 7 games we did not know which Marty would show up. It has to be hard to stay sharp as a backup. Now is the time we need a good backup the most. Lundy admitted he has to play better than what he did last night. Seems like a perfect storm. New system, injuries, lack of production, below average Hank.

10-20-2013, 07:48 PM
Good goalies in the NHL need to be bigger these days, not sure if the gear changes affected Biron but hes not overly big to begin with. He did us well, been one of the better backups in the league.