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Sadds The Gr8
10-08-2013, 12:02 AM
Every summer, PSD holds a game where GM's re-draft players to see who creates the best team. This year, users from the site had to utilize their skills via draft, trades. At the end of the game, GMs voted on how they believed the regular season of this game would shake up. These are the playoffs of PSD's 2013 NBA Re-Draft

Please take the time to consider each line up, the match-up itself, and vote on which team you believe would win in a seven game series.

Tampa Bay Depth Chart:

PG: Deron Williams | Jeremy Lin | Jimmer Fredette
SG: Avery Bradley | Jodie Meeks
SF: Chandler Parsons | Chase Budinger
PF: David Lee | Nick Collison | Lamar Odom
C: Larry Sanders | Chris Wilcox

Death Star Depth Chart:

PG: Kemba Walker || Mo Williams || Patty Mills
SG: Randy Foye || Quincy Pondexter
SF: Paul George || Alan Anderson
PF: Carl Landry || Ivan Johnson || Trevor Booker
C: Marc Gasol || Greg Smith

Tampa Bay Writeup:

First of all I'd like to congratulate Death Star on building their unique team. We wish them luck. Also, Greggy and Sporty both have been quite busy lately so we apologize for the brevity of this writeup. This shouldn't be seen as us taking Death Star with levity, we defiantly know they can compete with us but we will prevail

1st point I'd like to make is the true story of Paul George. George is a fantastic player. A future all-nba team player imo. But this is the Paul George of 2013, and he isn't at star level yet. The real life Paul George benefited from a team that had great balance next to West, Hibbert and Hill. Death Star simply doesn't have that balance. George will struggle as a scorer in this series. His Points Per Possession offensively is .87 that's ranked in the mid 200s !!!!! He struggled last year as an offensive option and with even less scoring on this teamû that will continue.

Kemba walker has swag but he is even more inefficient than George. He put up big points on a bad team at a bad rate. Gasol is a nice offensive option but he can't be a big time scoring option. Even worse for Death Star, they’ll have defenders locked up on their premier players. Larry Sanders WHO WAS THE BEST DEFENSIVE BIG MAN IN THE POST LAST SEASON will be draped all over Gasol
Read this on Sanders (http://www.sloansportsconference.com...0the%20NBA.pdf)

On top of that, poor Kemba will have to deal with YO AVERY’s on ball pentration. Bradley had THE BEST defensive PPP last season for guards. He is FILTHY good on defense and Kemba’s TS% might drop into the 30%! With Kemba and Gasol stuck on islands, George has even less offensive suppport, and Parsons is an above average defender as well.

Also if Death Star wants to put George on Deron, so be it. It would seem quite foolish to do so, Deron has proven he can get to the line and he could get George into easy foul trouble, handicapping their offense completely. Deron isn’t a tiny point guard either, he’s big for his position and let’s not pretend like George is the god of defense. He also tends to guard SF’s better than guards which have averages 18 ppg per 36 over the past 2 seasons.

PG: Deron Williams vs. Kemba Walker – We feel we have a very big advantage in this matchup. Deron is one of the top PG’s in the league, and had a pretty underrated season. Posted nice percentages at 44/38/86, while having a filthy post-all star break of 48 FG%, 42 3PT%, while averaging 23/8 during that span. He has the size and strength to out muscle Kemba, and we don’t see anyone on the team being able to handle him. Random synergy stats: ranked #32 in isolation, #35 in spot up, #10 in post up, #66 in p&r defense.

SG: Avery Bradley vs. Randy Foye – Another advantage for us. We love the defense that Avery brings. He gives us the ability to switch on Kemba, as we don’t feel Foye will affect this series much. Bradley brings the elite defense on the perimeter. Random synergy stats: #16 overall defense! #42 iso defense, #19 p&r defense. Oh. My. God.

SF: Chandler Parsons vs. Paul George – Both are young and very good players. We love how Parsons fits on our team. He stepped up huge this year, shooting about 49 FG% and 39 3PT%. Nasty! Plus he’s a cutie. George is good, but he’s still an inconsistent player, especially when he gonna have to work on the defensive end too.

PF: David Lee vs. Carl Landry – We feel this is another big advantage for us. Lee has consistently been a beast for quite a few years. He’s definitely gonna work Landry this entire series, who’s a pretty horrid defender, ranked 415 in overall defense….There’s not really much to say. Averaged about 19/11 this year, at 52% from the field.

C: Larry Sanders vs. Marc Gasol – Sanders transformed himself into a defensive monster this year. We feel he has the length and ability to make Gasol work for his baskets. Also brings the great help defense for the slashers on their team. Random synergy stats: #21 in iso defense, #39 in post up D, #48 in p&r defense.

Bench: We feel that we have a very solid bench. Lin gives us some punch off the bench, and has shown to have his moments when there’s no ball hogs on the team. Linsanity! Meeks Mill gives us that spot up shooter. He’ll definitely have some looks with our multiple offensive options that we have. Budinger is another solid guy. He’s an all around player that gives us a bit of everything. Collison gives an another solid, big man defender and rebounder. We like his ability to guard both positions. And Wilcox is another veteran that gives us energy and rebounding.

Jimmer brings swag and Kardashian-Odom brings the pre-game and post-game fun stuff. Hell, maybe even during the game too.

Thanks for reading! And KEEP TWERKING!!!!

Death Star Writeup:

Kemba- averaged 0.82 ppp on isolations plays, ranked 87th in the league, averaged 0.87 ppp on P&R ball handler plays, ranked 30th in the league

Marc Gasol- averaged 0.86 ppp on isolation plays, ranked 65th in the league
averaged 0.96 ppp on post up plays, ranked 15th in the league
averaged 1.19 ppp on P&R Roll Man plays, ranked 23rd in the league

0.76 ppp allowed overall, ranked 29th overall, 38.2% FG% allowed
0.62 ppp allowed vs. isolations, ranked 21st overall, 30.1% FG% allowed
0.66 ppp allowed vs. post ups, ranked 22nd overall, 35.5% FG% allowed
0.77 ppp allowed vs. P&R roll man, ranked 34th overall, 37.9% FG% allowed

Offensively, Death Star will use the Pick and Roll with Kemba and Marc, who both ranked in the top 30 on pick and roll plays.

Why Paul George is a #1 option
First of all, besides the obvious fact that he led conference finalist Indiana in points per game in BOTH the regular season and playoffs, there are a number of other reasons he is a legitimate #1 option in addition to being smart in those clutch situations that matter in the playoffs. Most importantly, he did lead the Pacers in USG rate during the playoffs. So I'm not sure what else qualifies as a #1 when he leads a conference finalist in USG rate.

But if you aren't convinced, make no mistake, the guy with the highest USG rate during the playoffs on Indiana in clutch situations is Paul George:

Clutch USG TS%
PG 26.5 57.3
West 18.2
Hibbert 16.3

Yes, his USG rate may look a bit low in comparison to other stars like Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony (although ironically, if you think Deron is a #1 but PG isn't, that you aren't paying attention that closely as Deron had a 22.8 USG rate in the playoffs in clutch situations and for reference, Deron was at a 27.4 USG rate in the reg season in clutch situations). Anyways, in regards to Paul George, this is not because he's afraid to shoot when he's under pressure, it's because clutch in this case is defined as 5 minutes to go, with a +/- 5 point differential. And the reason this is important is because the splits for PG when his team is ahead vs. behind are very different. When the Pacers are up <=5 points within the last 5 minutes, PG maintains his role in the offense and plays within it rather than trying to close it out by chucking up a bunch of bad shots. The Pacers run their normal offense which proves effective as their ORtg is 111.8 in these situations. However, the tale is very different if the Pacers are behind by <=5 points within the last 5 minutes. In this case, PG's USG rate jumps to 40.5 which would rank 5th in the league behind CP3, Carmelo, Harden and Durant. In this case, the Pacers need shots as they are behind and they go to their go-to option- Paul George. In fact the USG rates aren't even close in this situation:

Pacers last 5 minutes, behind by <=5 points
PG 40.5
West 19.7
Hibbert 17.8

The numbers for PG increase if we change it to behind by <=5 points in the last 3 minutes and last minute. And likewise, in the table to come, you can see he has a lower USG rate when his team is ahead in clutch situations.

USG TS% Ortg
Clutch 26.5 57.3 118.0
last 5 mins, behind <= 5 points 40.5 55.8 121.1 ranked 5th in USG, only behind CP3, Carmelo, Harden and Durant but ahead of Lebron
last 3 mins, behind <= 5 points 49.4 62.5 123.0 ranked 4th in USG, only behind CP3, Carmelo, Durant but ahead of Harden and Lebron
last 1 min, behind <= 5 points 68.6 90.4 133.1 ranked 5th in USG, only behind CP3, Josh Smith, Pierce and Melo
last 5 mins, ahead <= 5 points 18.4 111.8
last 3 mins, ahead <= 5 points 20.7 121.7

As you can see with the ORtg (which is team offensive rating), the Pacers are always effective in clutch situations. This is partly because Paul George knows when to shoot and when to play within the offense. When ahead, rather than forcing shots and trying to be the hero, he lets the Pacers offense play as it would normally. However if the Pacers are behind and they need points, Paul George has no problem stepping up and taking the tough shots. And ultimately, when people look at #1 options, they look at the guys who score down the stretch in close games when the team needs a bucket. And Paul George does this.

10-08-2013, 12:00 PM
Tampa easily takes this one.

10-08-2013, 12:52 PM
Death Star would do better IRL than they look on paper IMO, but Tampa is stacked. Tampa in 6

10-08-2013, 02:55 PM
Been so busy that I couldn't do a real write-up (thats the mini essay from our clubhouse lol) and would argue in here but there doesn't seem to be much point since we're already down big. Not sure that I'd have the time to put together a decent argument anyways. Although I certainly will if someone wants it.

10-08-2013, 07:01 PM
When did PSD games become so dead? There used to be 70+ voters for the polls and a hugeeee deal.

10-08-2013, 08:45 PM
When just looking at the roster's I was curious if George would guard Deron...

Either way great writeup from Tampa. Death Star's clearly wasn't even intended to be used for this specific matchup. Tampa Bay advances.