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Sadds The Gr8
10-07-2013, 11:49 PM
Every summer, PSD holds a game where GM's re-draft players to see who creates the best team. This year, users from the site had to utilize their skills via draft, trades. At the end of the game, GMs voted on how they believed the regular season of this game would shake up. These are the playoffs of PSD's 2013 NBA Re-Draft

Please take the time to consider each line up, the match-up itself, and vote on which team you believe would win in a seven game series.

Ottawa Depth Chart:

C: Joakim Noah/Tyler Zeller/Robert Sacre
PF: Blake Griffin/John Henson
SF: Shane Battier/Al-Farouq Aminu
SG: Joe Johnson/Dorell Wright/Doron Lamb
PG: Greivis Vasquez/Andre Miller

Minnetonka Depth Chart:

PG: Goran Dragic - Raymond Felton - Toney Douglas
SG: Courtney Lee - Nick Young - Nando de Colo
SF: Nicolas Batum - Kyle Singler
PF: Chris Bosh - Ed Davis
C: Nikola Pekovic - Jason Maxiell

Ottawa Writeup:

Congrats to Shammy on making the playoffs. I am absolutely getting slammed by midterms and obligations right now, so I can't devote time to a writeup.

However, I would like to say that in our chatzy, shammy even said that his team was a slightly worse version of mine. And it's true. Please vote accordingly.

Minnetonka Writeup:

Congratulations to Ottawa on getting HCA in the first round. However, even with home court, we feel that they are simply outmatched by Minnetonka.

The offensive philosophy that will run our offense will include plenty of spacing, post scoring, and timely passing. We have Chris Bosh, who is arguably the best player in this series and is finally back at his natural position. Bosh is a proven stud offensively, he’s simply been asked to become a stand-still jump shooter in Miami. However, with this offense he will revert back to his exceptional offensive prowess, the same prowess that he displayed in Toronto where from 2006 to 2010 he averaged 22.8ppg 9.9rpg 2.5apg while posting an elite 58.2ts%, 50.4efg%, 27.0usg%, 116 ORtg, and a 23.3 PER. Not to mention, he never had players like Goran Dragic, Nicolas Batum, and Nikola Pekovic making it easy on him offensively. The matchup between Bosh and Blake Griffin simply favors us, because Griffin won’t be able to contain Bosh.

If Ottawa decides to put Joakim Noah on Chris Bosh and moves Griffin onto Pekovic, that’s even better. Noah is at his best when he is able to roam the paint, and Bosh’s exceptional ability in the high-post stretching the floor will pull Noah away from the basket, which will derail the interior defense because Greivis Vazquez won’t be able to contain Goran Dragic. The pick and roll offense that Dragic & Bosh will revolve our offense around will put not one but TWO of Ottawa’s players on defense in a position of failure.

That breach in Ottawa’s defense will lead to easy buckets by any of the starting players. Combined, Courtney Lee and Nicolas Batum have shot 417/1,091 the past two years. That’s 38.2% from three. Or, it will lead to a Bosh shooting a wide open jump-shot. Jump-shots are bad from mid-range though, aren’t they? They’re the least efficient shot in the game, but Bosh is one of the BEST at making those shots, and he does so at a high volume. Over the past SEVEN seasons and 490 games, Bosh has attempted 2,584 shots from 16-23 feet (5.3fga per game). He has made 1,157 of those attempts, which totals a 44.8fg%. That’s flipping awesome, and it works perfectly to stretch the floor for Goran Dragic to drive into the paint with only Blake Griffin there to stop him (whom we all know is not a shot-blocker). Dragic is severely underrated in terms of getting into the lane, and now he has the necessary pieces around him to get in more and for easier opportunities (he already shoots 67% on attempts at the rim).

Between Dragic (14.7ppg and 54.0ts%), Batum (14.3ppg and 56.6ts%), and Pekovic (16.3ppg and 57.2ts%), the second option is on lock-down. Our second unit consists of Raymond Felton, Nick Young, and Kyle Singler providing plenty of offensive production off of the bench. Finishing the rotation includes none other than Ed Davis and Jason Maxiell, providing the necessary defense to prevent big runs when Batum/Bosh/Pekovic need rest respectively. These three guys will play off of each other beautifully. Our offense has a proven number one option, plenty of spacing, two facilitators in Dragic (35.7ast%, 7.4apg) and Batum (20.3ast% and 4.9apg), good rebounding with Bosh moving to his more natural position and Pekovic not having to make up for a crappy defensive player like he has had to do before when playing with Love, and also depth with Felton/Singler/Davis all being able to play 20+ minutes a night with ease. When needed, we can move Bosh to the center position and have Ed Davis come in to improve our defense.
This team won’t kill you to death with star-power, but the fundamentals and efficiency of this unit on both ends will beat Ottawa, who is relying on a ton of players that have not maintained their levels of play in the playoffs.

Career playoff efficiency for Ottawa’s starting lineup:
Noah – 52.4ts%
Griffin – 53.0ts%
Johnson – 49.5ts%
Those are all below average true shooting percentages, and with Noah being guarded by Pekovic, Griffin guarded by Bosh, and Joe Johnson guarded by Nicolas Batum, we have a defensive answer at each position making sure that those playoff efficiency numbers maintain the norm. What will Ottawa do? Depend on Greivis Vasquez and Shane Battier? Where will the floor spacing come from to increase open opportunities for these struggling efficient players in Griffin/Johnson? Griffin/Noah won’t provide the necessary spacing on the interior, and Shane Battier simply won’t be getting the open looks that he’s gotten when playing with elite playmakers in Wade & Lebron. Can Joe Johnson & Greivis Vasquez truly get those wide open looks that Battier is used to getting? I’ll bank on that not happening.

All in all, Minnetonka is simply a better team and a better fit when comparing the spacing, and we will be able to grind this series out with all-around play and win in 6 games.

10-08-2013, 12:01 PM
Wow I don't like either of these teams very much Probably Minnetonka for me, they are more balanced.