View Full Version : Lakers and Cavs draft shake up 03

09-11-2013, 10:38 AM
You are the lakers at the end of the 03 season, you know that Kobe and shaq don't like each other and there are some chemistry problems going on. Do you go for it and offer shaq or Kobe to the Cavs for the #1 pick? If so which do you offer?

Shaq and Lebron would've allowed shaq to resign and keep shaq playing in an environment where he thrived. Kobe and Lebron would have been as incredible to watch as shaq and Kobe.

If you are the Cavs do you accept either deal? Can always throw in a few other players from the lakers. What makes this deal happen?

Just an idea to run by everyone, pre 'the decision' Cleveland front office was pretty dumb (never got Lebron help through trades/FA), could've accepted a beginning of prime Kobe. If either trade happened it would have been incredible.

Biggest obstacle here is Cleveland knowing neither Kobe or shaq would want to resign in Cleveland

I Rock Shaqs
09-11-2013, 11:02 AM
I was going to say Kobe but then I thought Shaq, but then again I thought the only way Cleveland would do it is if they got Kobe Bryant and then I thought again the Lakers wouldn't do it anyways.

09-11-2013, 11:06 AM
no chance a prime Kobe or Shaq are traded for an unknown. Simple as that.

Lebron seemed legit but its not like that has not worked out before.