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09-05-2013, 09:00 AM
If you have followed the Red Sox for a while, you know that base stealing has rarely been a big part of their offense. The Red Sox were long a team of plodding power hitters, with occasional flashes of speed from players like Tommy Harper, Otis Nixon, and, of course, Jacoby Ellsbury.

That Carl Yastrzemski is fourth in team history with all of 168 steals illustrates the point.

So get this. The Red Sox are 23 for 23 in stolen bases since Aug. 9. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, that is the longest streak for a Red Sox team in at least 85 years. Prior to that, nobody thought to keep track.

It's the longest streak for any team in the majors since the Marlins had 23 straight steals during the 2010 season. The last streak that was longer came from the Phillies in 2009. They had 25 in a row.

Shane Victorino is 4 for 4 with the Red Sox in their streak. He was 6 for 6 in the streak put together by the 2009 Phillies.

The Sox are 107 of 126 (.849) this season. They are fourth in baseball in steals and first in steal percentage.

The 107 steals are the most since the 2009 Red Sox had 126. Since 1935, only three Red Sox teams have had more steals than the 2013 team.

Elllsbury is 51 of 55 this season, so the bulk of the credit goes to him. But seven other Red Sox players have stolen at least two bases this season. Outside of Ellsbury, the Sox are 56 of 71 (.788).

The 56 steals would be good for 24th in the majors and the percentage would be fourth.Boston.com (Abraham)

09-06-2013, 04:58 PM
We are not a team that needs to steal basses, Farrell has been good making the call so far this year. (or whoever is making the call)

Although, it does seem like we have a lot of games where we can only muster 1 or 2 runs, if we are lucky. In those types of games we should be stealing more, we have been waiting for the big hit all year in those types of games and have rarely got it (other than the WMB single vs. Sherzer) We need to steal more then.

09-06-2013, 06:52 PM
^^ Really?

On a night when the club would match a franchise record by blasting eight home runs, and score 15 runs over its final three at-bats, the tally that broke a 4-all tie in the fifth inning wa born from a steal. After singling to center, Shane Victorino swiped second base, took third when the throw got away, and scored on a sacrifice fly.

A night later, this time in New York, speed killed again for the Sox. The run that tied the game in the ninth, as well as the run that won the game in the 10th, both came after the winning run reached scoring position by way of a steal. And as October approaches, bringing with it the type of tight baseball where every extra base can make a critical difference (hello, Dave Roberts), these past couple nights have shown just how much of a weapon the ability to steal bases could be for the Red Sox.


Lately, though, they haven't given up any. The Sox haven't been caught stealing since Ellsbury was nabbed on Aug. 8. Including three more Thursday, their last 27 steal attempts have been successful. According to the Globe's Peter Abraham, that's the longest streak any Sox team has experienced since folks started tracking the stat, which is a span of 85 years.

But what makes that even more impressive, and the stolen base even more of a weapon, is that these steals haven't been hollow. They haven't been three seconds of action and excitement and riskiness that winds up all for naught.

With Quintin Berry and Ellsbury crossing the plate, the Sox have now converted 15 of those 27 steals directly into runs. That's 56 percent. By comparison, Boston has scored 32 percent of its baserunners overall this season -- so in the instances where they've attempted to steal a base over the past month, they've improved their chances of scoring by roughly 75 percent.Boston.com

09-06-2013, 10:21 PM
This is one of the things that is making this team be so great this season. Our offense is so balanced its incredible. We have not have that 40-50 HR kind of player but we are producing runs between guys stealing bases guys hitting bomb guys hitting rbi singles doubles we just have so much balance in this line up. Not to mention the way our bench players are playing they could be starters on other teams.

Further our entire team has that incredible balance. Reminds me of that San Fran team that won the World Series a couple years ago.

In the beginning of the year I told people I might have even said it on here that this team could win and make the play offs. I didnt think that we would be as great as we have been but I certainly didnt think we would be a 4th or 5th place team like most people predicted.