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Every summer, PSD holds a game which mocks that year's NBA offseason. This year, users from the site took the reigns of NBA franchises and had to utilize their skills via draft, trades, and free agency to improve their teams. At the end of the game, GMs voted on how they believed the regular season of this game would shake up. These are the playoffs of PSD's 2013 NBA Mock Offseason.

Please take the time to consider each line up, the match-up itself, and vote on which team you believe would win in a seven game series.

The Bulls have homecourt advantage.

Bulls Depth Chart:

PG: Deron Williams (38) l JJ Barea (10) l Peyton Siva
SG: Thabo Sefolosha (38) l Landry Fields (7) l JJ Barea (3)
SF: Kawhi Leonard (40) l Landry Fields (8) l Teletovic
PF: Al Horford (30) l Brandon Bass (18) l
C: Tim Duncan (38) l Al Horford (10) l Aaron Gray

Pacers Depth Chart:

Jose Calderon (28) / Jarrett Jack (20) / Orlando Johnson
Klay Thompson (32) / Manu Ginobili (12) / Jarrett Jack (4)
Paul George (36) / Manu Ginobili (12) / Brandon Rush
David West (34) / Josh McRoberts (14) / Miles Plumlee
Roy Hibbert (34) / Brendan Haywood (14)

Bulls Write-up:

We like to congratulate the Pacers on their impressive playoff run and for building together a very sound team.

We feel like the Pacers have a nice balanced team thatís an inferior version of our team and here is why we feel this way.

PG battle: Jose Calderon/Jarret Jack vs Deron WIlliams

This is the biggest mismatch of this series by a landslide. Throughout the history of this battle, Deron has absolutely tore up Calderon, whether itís breaking his ankles, posting him up or getting by him consistently, this battle isnít even close.
Calderon is a huge liability defensively and is going to need help defense consistently, which will end up in a lot of open jump shots and layups for our team. The impact Calderon has on a team defensively doesnít get talked about much, but as someone whoís followed a majority of his career, it is absolutely brutal. Whether someone's a great individual defender or good help defender, with Jose Calderon guarding the lead points, everyone gets exposed and their defensive numbers look bad.

For example last year, while he was on the court for the Raptors they were a -3.1 and when he was of they were only a -.7. After getting traded to the Pistons, they were a -9.2 with him on the court and a -2.5 with him of it.
The individual stats also back this up. Using the team he had the bigger sample size with, Jose was ranked 226th as an overall defender giving up 0.88 PPP and ranked 192nd in Isoís (which Deron will be attacking him from consistently) giving up 0.85 PPP.
If the Pacers want to take Jose of Deron because of how badly heís getting abused and want to hide him on the 6í7 Thabo Sefolosha, then by means we welcome them to. Jose ranked 273rd in spot up defense giving up 1.05 PPP, and with how good of a shooter both Deron and Thabo are, this is a recipe for disaster for the Pacers. Taking a good defensive PG like Hill and replacing him with Jose Calderon is a humongous downgrade and WILL KILL the Pacers defensive efficiency from last year as a whole.

As bad as he is defensively, Calderon is kind of a black hole offensively, because he ruins the flow of an offense because of the way he holds onto the ball for a long time and has proven he canít play of the ball, which the Pacers will say he has to do for them, but if he hasnít adjusted before when they needed him to, why would he now? When the Raptors had Turk, who needed the ball in his hands consistently to be effective, Calderon refused to play off the ball and would create problems offensively for them. Heck even when they had Chris Bosh, he would refuse to dump it into the post to CB consistently. Which leads us to believe Calderonís numbers offensively are overrated and doesnít show his true game. The majority of Calderonís shot clock usage and assists comes within the 16-20 second range.

While the Pacers will bring in Jack with the second unit for defensive purposes to help guard and stop Deron, this wonít deter us either because of the flexibility our offense possess. According to Synergy, Jacks worst line of defense was his spot up defense where he ranked 296th allowing 1.07PPP, this can be the time where we feed our bigs and allow them to go to work.
Remember in the playoffs Deron shot 40% from 3 averaging about 6 a game.
Huge advantage: Bulls

SG battle: Thabo Sefolosha vs Klay Thompson
Both guys will be primarily used for their outside shooting.
Last year Klay averaged 40% from behind the arc.
Thabo shot 41% from behind the arc.
Both have their roles offensively and while Klay may be seen as a better contributor offensively, Thabo is the better defender of the two and for those reasons alone, we could consider this a wash or have no problem giving the Pacers a slight edge. But the edge wonít matter much because Klay isnít going to significantly outplay Thabo to the point, where its going to pose any threat to our team.

SF battle: Kawhi Leonard vs Paul George
Here we go, PSDís dream battle and two of PSDís favourite up and coming players. Both players have a bright future ahead of them and both took their game another level this past season.
PG is the guy we fully expect the Pacers to offensively revolve their game around and rightfully so. Thankfully for us, we have one of the top SF defenders in the game from this past season in Kawhi going up against him.
Kawhi ranked 87th overall as a defender allowing opponents to only shoot 38% from the field, and 58th handling the PnR ball handler, which PG would be mainly doing to try setting up their spot up shooters, but as evidenced by the rankings, this strategy wonít be causing much harm, nor breaking us down a ton.
Kawhi also ranks 68th in spot up defense allowing opponents to shoot 30% behind the arc. For someone like Paul George who shot only 33% from behind the arc in the playoffs, this fits perfectly with Kawhis strengths defensively.

Another key point to take in: PG was terribly inefficient in the playoffs and averaged about 4 TOís a game and struggled mightily shooting. Heís still inexperienced as a top option and maybe in a couple years from now, heíll have the experience and knowledge needed in order to being a top reliable option for a team and being able to carry a team far, but until he proves otherwise we donít think he can be the X-factor the Pacers think he can be to helping get by us.

PF Battle: Al Horford vs David West
Another favourable match up for us.
These past playoffs when the Hawks faced the Pacers, Horford had his way against the Pacers down low. Horford shot 50% from the field and averaged 17/9/3.
Horford spends most his time on offense being the roll man in the pick-and-roll; that makes up 20.1 percent of his possessions. He scores 1.3 PPP as the roll man, good for 46th-best in the league, according to Synergy. And while some of those rolls end in dunks or layups, plenty of them end in wide-open jumpers. (85.8 percent of his shots from 16-23 feet were assisted.)

With Calderon getting consistently beat of the dribble by Deron, this fits into Horfords strengths, as heíll be seeing a ton of wide open mid range shots and looks at an easy basket. Which lines up well for us because West allows 45% when he is trying to cover the PnR roller. We expect Horford to have a field day and be a really productive weapon for us this series.

Advantage: Bulls

Center battle: Tim Duncan vs Roy Hibbert
Here us another big favourable matchup for us. Duncan is one of the best defensive centers in this game and we have no doubt heíll be able to not only contain Hibbert from trying to create any offense, but get Hibbert into foul trouble game in and game out.
Hibbert ranked 169th as an overall defender last year allowing .86PPP
Ranked 149th on Isoís and 119th on spot ups. This is where Duncans patented and un stoppable of the backboard bankers come into play. Duncan shot 45% from 3-9 feet and 47% from 10-15 feet.
Hibbert also ranked 101st on defending post ups, which is a disaster waiting to happen against Duncan. Duncan ranked 28th in post up offense last year according to synergy scoring .93PPP.

We are fairly confident, Duncan will get the best of this match up by a good margin and the Pacers will have a tough time overcoming the strengths Deron and Duncan have together against their respective opponents.

Another big problem with Hibbert is the foul trouble heíll get into. The reason why he had a really good playoff outing was because he faced teams such as the Heat and Knicks, who donít really have 2 solid interior presences to match up against the Pacers duo. WIth that said Hibbert still managed to find himself in a heck of a lot of foul trouble and with Haywood as their main backup C. The Pacers are going to find themselves in a lot of trouble down low.

Advantage: Bulls by a decent margin

Benches: As everyone saw first hand, Manu is coming of arguably his worst playoff showing ever. A combination of turnovers, poor shooting %ís, worst year of his career and the inability of being that spark he usually is of the bench for the Spurs, has people wondering if father time has truly caught up with Manu? Either way we have the defense to continue forcing more turnovers and poor shots from Manu, not making him an effective weapon as he once was in the past.
Jack is a solid backup PG of the bench for the Pacers and in his limited time will be expected to add some offense of the bench and guard Deron a lot. The Pacers are also going to be counting on heavy minutes from Josh McRoberts and Brendan Haywood because of the foul trouble, their bigs are going to get into and neither guy is capable of holding down the fort against Timmy or Horford.

While we have JJ Barea, a superb 6th man coming of the bench, who is expected to add some offense and be a spark plug for us in his limited time on the court.
Then we have Brandon Bass, who is also a very solid shooter for a big and will help bring their bigs out to the perimeter more allowing more gaping holes for Deron and Barea to attack down low.

While people might give the Pacers a slight edge to the benches because of name value, we donít feel like its a significant advantage for them to overcome the mismatches we have in the starting 5.

In conclusion, we feel we are a better basketball club and over the course of a series, we will give the Pacers big fits and with the advantages we have in the starting 5, we donít see them possibly overcoming them in anyway to beat us in a series. Reiterating what we said earlier Paul George is a great up and coming player however he has proved that he is not consistent and efficient enough to be a #1 option especially with a defender like Kawhi Leonard on him. We will slow down their bigs forcing George to beat us which we feel he isnít ready to do yet.
Were the more balanced, the better rebounding and the more talented team overall compared to the Pacers.

Pacers Write-up:

Writeup vs Chicago
Key Point: The Chicago Bulls definitely have solid individual talent in their starting lineup, but they also have their flaws and weaknesses that we plan on exploiting throughout this series. We feel that we matchup well with all of their players and make it tough for them, especially on the defensive end.

Point Guard: Deron Williams/JJ Barea vs Jose Calderon/Jarrett Jack
Like our first 2 matchups, the opposing team admittedly has the best Point Guard in the matchup. Deron Williams may be able to beat Jose Calderon in several instances, but we have a great defensive anchor in Hibbert, and a great defensive team overall behind our Point Guards. Because Chicago has Sefolosha playing, whoís a complete offensive liability, we can use our SGís to shade Deron Williams and keep him from wreaking too much havoc against our PGís. Although Deron Williams is a threat offensively, he was pretty bad on defense. He only ranked 255th overall in isolation Defense, according to Synergy. Jarrett Jack was ranked 67th in isolation plays for offense, so we feel that we can take advantage of plays where we have Jack being guarded by Deron. Yes, Deron will at times have his way with our PGís, but our Point Guards will be able to attack Deron on the other side of the court as well when heís on the defensive.

Shooting Guard: Klay Thompson/Manu Ginobili vs Thabo Sefolosha/Landry Fields
This is where we feel we have a huge advantage. Thabo may be a good isolation defender, but heís completely invisible on the offensive side of the ball. He sparingly hits 3 point shots, but throughout most parts of the game he will be a complete non-factor on the offensive side of the ball. This severely screws up the Bulls offense because theyíll essentially be playing 4 on 5 on offense, and they donít have the 6th man on the bench to spare points, like Harden and Kevin Martin have for him in OKC all those past years. Landry Fields has been god awful ever since the first half of his rookie year and wonít change anything in this series. The Bulls will get NO SCORING PRODUCTION from their SG spotÖZERO, NONE. Neither of their SG's are good rebounders or playmakers either so the stat sheet will be pretty empty from the SG spot of their team. Whereas on our side, we have 2 solid scoring threats that can impact the game in many ways. Klay Thompson is a very solid scorer and obviously a deadly shooter that can spread the court, and behind him we have Manu Ginobili who can change games with his shooting, passing, slashing, and overall ability to make plays. Yes he struggled in the finals last year, but on that Spurs team he took on too big of a responsibility, as that team had absolutely no dependable backup PG so he had to take on too much ball-handling duties, causing him to force many TOís. On this team we have several ballhandlers to take the pressure off of him (Calderon, Jack, George), so he wonít deal with nearly as much pressure as he did in the finals last year. It may seem that Thabo would shut down Klay, but we can say that this is absolutely false, because where Klay thrives on defense, Thabo isnít so good. According to Synergy, Thabo allows 42.3% shooting on spot-up 3-point shots, so Klay will be able to work around screens/picks and have the chance to knockdown open shots. The fact that Thabo will have to play so much minutes will give us a huge advantage because our SGís can sort of play off of Thabo at times and shade or double Deron Williams to keep him from going off against our PGs. Like I said, we have a big advantage here.

Small Forward: Kawhi Leonard vs Paul George
Both players are young, up and coming stars in this league, and it should be a solid matchup between these 2. Because Paul George can impact the game in more ways, we have the advantage here. Both guys are great rebounders and defenders for their positions, but George has a better offensive game overall. He has the ability to create shots for himself and score at a higher rate than Kawhi, and heís also a great playmaker at his position as well. George can impact the game in almost every facet, whereas Kawhi depends on his PG for buckets more often and relies on things like put-backs and ďgarbage basketsĒ. I think with Paul Georgeís rebounding ability, as well as our bigs up front, weíll be able to keep Kawhi off the boards for those cleanup baskets unlike the Miami Heat were in the finals. George, being one of the elite defenders in the league, should do a good job of limiting Kawhi on the offensive side of the ball. Because Paul George has the ability to affect every facet in the game, we give him the advantage here as well.

Power Forward: Al Horford vs David West
Some may think that the Bulls have a clear advantage here, but looking at the production of these guys, http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=0&p1=horfoal01&y1=2013&p2=westda01&y2=2013 , it appears that they are very evenly matched. Both guys are efficient offensively, and do a solid job defensively. Both guys are solid inside and out, and have the ability to impact games on the offensive end. These 2 guys can very well duel to a stalemate throughout this series.

Center: Tim Duncan vs Roy Hibbert
Both guys are great defensive anchors, and Hibbert in the playoffs showed that he can make a difference on the offensive end of the court, just like Duncan did last year as well. Hibbert has the ability on the defensive end to stifle Duncan and make things very difficult for him. Hibbert anchored the #2 defense in the league last year showing his elite defensive capabilities, and was a beast in the playoffs last year, making a huge impact in both the New York Knicks series and the Miami Heat series. http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=0&p1=duncati01&y1=2013&p2=hibbero01&y2=2013 looking at those numbers and his overall impact on the game on the defensive end, it shows that Hibbert was even more effective than the great Tim Duncan in the playoffs last season. He was easily the best Center throughout those playoffs so thereís no reason to believe that Duncan would dominate this series. Hibbert would hold his own and his presence would be felt in this series with his ability to impact games on both sides of the court.
Huge advantage for Indiana and itís not even close. Jack and Manu can impact the game in so many ways that nobody on the Chicago bench can. Landry Fields is pretty much a scrub and heíll play a lot of meaningful minutes since heís backing up both wing spots, and JJ Barea clearly isnít the same player that he was in his 2011 Mavs run. Manu and Jack also have certain advantages in their matchups that they can exploit and make us a much more dangerous and balanced offensive team.

Chicago definitely has a solid big 4, but we have a great, balanced starting lineup, plus 2 heavy hitters coming off the bench that can make their marks throughout a playoff series. Jarrett Jack, Paul George, and Roy Hibbert all stood out in the playoffs last year and proved that they were big game players. We have more balance on our squad and arenít just dependent on 3 people to create all of our offense. We have the defensive gameplan, and players to stifle their offensive threats. Their team lacks balance in the starting lineup with Sefolosha being a complete liability and their backup Landry Fields giving them no scoring, rebound, or playmaking production from the SG spot. We have a HUGE advantage on the wings and will take advantage of it, and a huge advantage on our bench. The only true advantage they have is at PG, but Deron is a bad defender and can be taken advantage of on that side of the ball, and at C, but Hibbert is very solid on both sides of the court in his own right so that advantage isn't very big at all. Our team is just too balanced and will be too difficult to stop throughout a series with about 6 players capable of having great offensive games. Our team has the offensive balance, and the elite defensive talent to limit this Chicago Bulls squad, and win it in 7 games.

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David West and Calderon especially Calderon will get killed in any match up.

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bulls, although I still think the Knick were the best team in the EC.

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bulls, although I still think the Knick were the best team in the EC.

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I would like to see some head-to-head numbers and the debate between the two teams before making a final decision. I'm leaning towards the Bulls, but i may be swayed.

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I would like to see some head-to-head numbers and the debate between the two teams before making a final decision. I'm leaning towards the Bulls, but i may be swayed.

Come into the new thread, I'm more than happy to give you any explanation needed.
But basically just lightly without any stats, Jose Calderon's defense like we pointed out in the PG match up is going to be their biggest downfall.

What kinda stats are you looking for in specific? Like head to head match up numbers or something else?

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The bulls gm is horribly wrong about the Thompson vs sefolosha match up. Thompson is a far superior player offensively and can do more than shoot 40% from behind the arc. And his d is improving and solid while sefolosha can only play d and hot a 3 but doesn't bring anything else. Duncan's minutes should adjusted as well no way he plays 38 take 6 minutes off and give it too bass and that's more realistic.

With that said I still got the bulls.

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Bulls easy

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Bulls win this game. But this should be the Knicks victory.