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Disclaimer: Hello Everyone. Welcome to the NBA All-time redraft playoffs. These will be a battle between two made up teams from our host of GMís in to see who reigns superiority over all of basketball. There is a slight twist in this All-time: each team has a starter from each decade. Please read the write-ups and vote for who you think would win in a 7 game series.

Santa Monica has HCA

Congrats on Scranton for making a great ball-club. They were one of my favorite teams in the redraft and did a nice job. However, they do not have the talent to move forward into the next round.
What we want you to know:

Depth Chart
C: Hakeem Olajuwon (40) || Dave Cowens (8) || Manute Bol
PF: Dave Cowens- (22)|| Amare Stoudemire (26)
SF: Kevin Durant (38) || Toni Kukoc (10)
SG: Sam Jones (30) ||Brandon Roy (18) || Otis Birdsong
PG: Mookie Blaylock (20) || Doug Christie (18) || Brandon Roy (10) || Nate McMillan

3 MVP Awards
2 Finals MVP
29 All NBA team Awards
24 All NBA Defensive awards

Closing lineup:

Offensive Philosophy:
The Strength of our offense is our versatility with the ability run teams into the ground or slow the game down and work a 2 man game with a variety of different players. Our goal is to get Hakeem involved early in the post so he attracts double teams. This will leave favorable match-ups for Durant on the perimeter to get 1-1 matchups against the 6í5 Baylor or even get switched off on Ray Allen. The bench mob offense will be led Roy and Amare and will be crucial to our offense as well. We love the idea of getting them involved in a dangerous PnR game that both greatly excelled in. Mookie and Jones will mainly be used as spot-up weapons and take advantage of favorable match-ups when they get them. Cowens will be our dirty/high energy work player in the post and we feel heíll be getting a lot of easy looks with how much attention Hakeem, Durant, Roy, and Amare will be getting. Durant and Roy will be our main facilitators on the perimeter.

Defensive Philosophy:
We are going to platoon Blaylock and Christe into the starting lineup so Penny is never comfortable this series. Christie was a 4 x All- defensive member and Blayock was a 6x All-NBA Defensive member and both were known for their physicality on the defensive end. We plan to keep Penny pressured the entire game with Christie, Roy, and Blaylock the whole game. We will be rotating these defenders on him the whole game always keep a fresh defender on him. The real strength of our defense resides in the post. Cowens and Hakeem are two of the greatest post defenders ever and are elite help defensive players. We feel very comfortable with their ability to protect the rim and slow down Penny and Baylorís penetration. We feel Allen is being wasted on this team as well. On this team, with Penny, Baylor, and Walton, Allen has been regulated to being a spot-up shooter. Scranton is wasting his ability to score so we are very comfortable letting Jones play tight defense on him at the 3pt line and trusting our help defense if he penetrates to the rim. Our size, ability to play help and Man defense will greatly limit what Scranton can do offensively.

Head-Head Match-ups

PG: Christie || Blaylock || Roy VS Penny Hardaway || Alvin Robertson
We understand the questions. Christie is not a traditional PG. But he was incredibly comfortable running a team averaging around 4.5 APG throughout his career. Even still, Durant, Roy, and Hakeem will have the ball in their hands a majority of the time. What we really want Christie to do is play is suffocating defense on Hardaway and we love that we donít give away any size on defense. The PG position on our team is not focused on running the team, but playing suffocating defense. Christie, Blaylock, and Roy will all see time at the PG slot and all are known for playing great defense. Hardaway will not be comfortable the entire series and thatís the way we want it to be. Scranton has the better talent, but we are extremely comfortable with how we can stop them.

SG: Sam Jones || Brandon Roy VS Ray Allen || Alvin Robertson
This is an interesting match-up. Jones was a crucial member of the Celtics championship rosters and was ahead of his time as far as efficiency is concerned. He had a killer mid-range **** and could also rebound extremely well for a guard. Roy will be acting as our 3rd option for our squad and one of our many shot creators for the team. His ability to score all over the floor as well as contribute on the boards will be crucial in this series. While Scranton has talented players as well, I donít see how Scranton can take advantage of Allen other than his 3pt shooting. That said, we feel we can play their SG tandem to an even split.

SF: Kevin Durant || Toni Kukoc VS Elgin Baylor || Luol Deng

This match-up is one of the premier ones in the entire playoffs. Baylor and Durant are two all-time great offensive SFís going at it H-H. However, we feel Durant as a few advantages he can take advantage of and Baylor would not be quite as effective. First off, Durantís size is going to be a key role. Durant at 6í10 and Baylor at 6í5 is a huge issue for Scranton. Especially with Durantís arm length and ability to score anywhere on the floor at an efficient level, how can Baylor hope to seriously contest Durantís looks? Next Baylor, never encountered anyone quite like Durant defending him. Baylor made his living being much stronger, and more physical than everyone else in the 60ís. With Durantís HUGE defensive improvements the last 2 seasons, we feel the length of Durant can give Baylor fits. Not to mention, we have the best post defense waiting behind Durant in Hakeem and Cowens should Baylor get past Durant. This match-up would be close, but we really like Durant having a few advantages over Baylor

PF: Dave Cowens || Amare Stoudemire VS Buck Williams || Chris Bosh
We personally love this match-up for us and feel this where Santa Monica really thrives; in the post. Cowens and Amare will be getting a near equal split and we quite frankly feel they will absolutely dominant their counterparts in all facets of the game. Scranton does not have anyone who can slow down Amareís offensive game and Cowens physicality will cause problems for Williams and Bosh. We will be utilizing a 3-man rotation with Amare-Hakeem, Cowens-Hakeem, and Amare-Cowens. When Amare is in the game, we will be working PnRís with Roy and Durant so Amare can take adavantage of the matchup.

C: Hakeem Olajuwon || Dave Cowens VS Bill Walton || Chris Bosh
Another match-up we feel we have a strong advantage in. With no disrespect to Walton, Hakeem will be able to control him defensively as and test Waltonís defensive ability on offense early. . If there was a C who could surpass Waltonís superior footwork and b-ball IQ, itís Hakeem. I donít see any way Walton could have a strong series and Scranton is depending on Walton to be the major cog in their offense and their defensive anchor. On offense, we will be attack Walton early and often from every direction. If he gets in foul trouble, the Scranton defense is in big trouble in a big way.

Scranton simply does not have any advantage they can exploit against us. Santa Monica has the much better defense, the much better post defense, perimeter defenders to swarm their main shot creator (Penny) and the GOAT defensive C to body up Walton. Also, outside of Walton, Scranton does not have the defensive members for stopping Roy, Durant, or Amare on the offensive end. Our team has the playoff dominance, the defensive acumen, and too many offensive weapons for Scranton to handle. We see this series being a well-fought series, but over in 6 games.

Scranton did not send a write-up

PG/F: Penny Hardaway (35) / Alvin Robertson (13) / John Lucas II
SG: Ray Allen (36) / Alvin Robertson (10) / Hersey Hawkins (2)
SF: Elgin Baylor (38) / Luol Deng (8)/ Larry Johnson (2)
PF: Buck Williams (34) / Chris Bosh (8) / Larry Johnson (6)
C: Bill Walton (38) / Chris Bosh (6) / Caldwell Jones (4)

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06-22-2013, 12:41 AM
I'm really debating here. Scranton wrote up might've been the difference maker

06-22-2013, 12:57 AM
Would like to see Scranton say something before I vote

06-22-2013, 05:32 AM
Santa Monica, not enough balls. Great players that I'm having trouble seeing fit together. Scranton has been one of my favorite teams all along. I'd probably give Larry Johnson more minutes ahead of Deng and Bosh. As for the SF matchup, Durant has no chance vs Elgin Baylor.

Bill Walton's gonna stretch the floor a bit for Scranton, forcing Hakeem to leave his preferred defensive area and Buck Williams is as tough as they get. Add Penny and Baylor penetrating with Ray Allen finding space in 3pt land...
It's one of the most fundamentally sound teams in this game.

06-22-2013, 01:33 PM
2-2 official vote.

And why would Durant have no chance VS Baylor?

Sadds The Gr8
06-22-2013, 01:33 PM
Scranton probably would pull an upset if they had a write-up. They usually don't sway me but I'd like to see the effort...

06-22-2013, 01:36 PM
Anyone want to say why they think Scranton could pull an upset?.... They don't have any advantages that we can't slow down and stop. We have the better bench, the much better defense, and the better offensive talent

06-22-2013, 01:39 PM
I'll probably vote for Santa Monica but I want to at least hear what Scranton has to say.

06-22-2013, 02:08 PM
I think people are starting to look for upsets when they aren't there. Santa Monica is much better.

Sadds The Gr8
06-22-2013, 02:22 PM
Anyone want to say why they think Scranton could pull an upset?.... They don't have any advantages that we can't slow down and stop. We have the better bench, the much better defense, and the better offensive talent
I don't think they're better, just judging from the voting.

I think people are starting to look for upsets when they aren't there. Santa Monica is much better.

that's why I said to PSK that I'd rather have a lower seed and be seen as a darkhorse/underrated.

Sadds The Gr8
06-22-2013, 02:25 PM
If Scranton did a writeup I wouldn't have voted because this a pretty close matchup and it's my matchup next round, but they don't deserve it.

06-22-2013, 02:57 PM
They didn't do a write up, but I'll vote for Scranton. I think they'd pull the upset.

06-22-2013, 03:43 PM
On a road trip but ill try and get a write up going on my phone :)

06-22-2013, 04:37 PM
I really like the Christie/Blaylock defensive tandem. I do think Jamal is really off about Walton. In his prime he could do a fine job against KAJ. But they do still have a slight advantage up front as well as more depth IMO. I think they'd squeak out a hard fought win.

06-22-2013, 04:52 PM
Hakeem, KAJ. Whats the difference? :)

06-22-2013, 04:57 PM
Should be noted that Hakeem has 45 pounds on Walton and is one of the few C's who could keep up and exceed Walton's footwork and bball IQ.

06-22-2013, 05:00 PM
I think people are starting to look for upsets when they aren't there. Santa Monica is much better.

Personally, I was probably going to vote for Santa Monica no matter what. I just wanted to hear Scranton's write-up to see if there was anything I missed. But no write-up with SM being clearly better, there's no reason for me to hold off on my vote any longer.

that's why I said to PSK that I'd rather have a lower seed and be seen as a darkhorse/underrated.

Well luckily I didn't have to deal with that in the first round but I'm sure I will in the next one. I'm surprised there's so many votes for Scranton already. Thought this one would be more lopsided.

06-22-2013, 05:04 PM
Hakeem, KAJ. Whats the difference? :)

True and I mean Hakeem owned Shaq, so since there's no difference, I'm sure KAJ could own Shaq ;)

Raps18-19 Champ
06-23-2013, 02:08 AM
Anyone want to say why they think Scranton could pull an upset?.... They don't have any advantages that we can't slow down and stop. We have the better bench, the much better defense, and the better offensive talent

Ray Allen for 3. Durrh.