View Full Version : Lebron back to Cleveland?

06-15-2013, 03:58 PM
Knowing what you know about his unhesistent move to Miami, it would be common logic to say that the possibility of him returning to Cleveland is highly feasible. Whether Miami wins this series and/or the next finals will not deter him from leaving imo. Cleveland has a base of Kyrie/Waiters/1st overall pick and cap space next year which could seemingly appear as an attractive location for Lebron. What are the chances in your opinion?

06-15-2013, 04:18 PM
Cleveland is still in a rebuilding stage. LeBron would never go back to Cleveland if Miami wins this year.

06-15-2013, 04:19 PM
What's your source? Oh I see: Optimism and trolling.

06-15-2013, 04:20 PM
I don't know why people keep thinking this is a possibility.

06-15-2013, 04:23 PM
There are number of threads on this same topic in NBA forum. But I bet this thread will be left open as many other troll threads are. MODs are being suspiciously generous these days.

06-15-2013, 04:27 PM

06-15-2013, 04:31 PM
God I hope not! As someone who was born and raised in Cleveland I would never want LBJ to come back. He had his chance in his home state once already and blew it, hope he stays in Miami for the rest of his life.

06-15-2013, 04:32 PM
Hmmmm, interesting, this hasn't been discussed before.

06-15-2013, 04:35 PM
Lebron dislike mike brown. Mike brown is coach again. Not happening.

06-15-2013, 04:39 PM
This has been discussed plenty of times.