View Full Version : Late Game Instant Replays

06-13-2013, 07:34 PM
Recently, the NBA has allowed the use of replay and are extending it's use next season. However, they prefer late game reviews. I think that doesn't do enough justice for the flow of the game nor for the integrity of the sport. IMO the first second is every bit as important as the last because a good run crushed from the start due to bad officiating can change a game at any moment. Allowing replays for everything such as every charge block or every out of bounds play would be excessive.

My idea, why not have the standard 3 officials, but have a fourth official whose sole purpose is live reviews so as to not delay the game. that official would be the final authority and would review every goaltending play so as not to jip a team, but not stop play either. That official could look at charge block calls quickly. Half the delay in the review process seems to be setting up the review screens anyway. That official could be in charge of reviewing if a shot is a 2 or 3 and pretty much every review live action. If a review cannot be made in about 1 minute, the call on the floor stands except in the last 5 minutes of each quarter. then the ruling gets 5 minutes or unl time. whatever it is now.

Also, coaches should get the ability to challenge 1 call each half, 2 in the second half, and be charged a timeout if the ruling stands just like in football. That would increase the integrity of the game if the point of replays is to get the calls right.