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06-13-2013, 05:23 PM
This is my first post here but I'm a long time lurker and been a heat fan since I can remember. I didn't just start watching the heat when the big 3 was formed, I was watching every game on sun sports since I was in middle school. Not trying to prove a point just want to make it clear i didnt just hop on the bandwagon. I was here watching Rafer, Wade, Caron, Grant and Odom hold it down and take us to the playoffs with heart and will. I also actually played the game.

Ok now to my point. I come here and I read a bunch of thread when we loss and everyone points the finger to wade or bosh, and they have reason. Wade is not even close to his old self and Bosh cannot bang with any of the 5's in the leagues and the truth is he is too soft of a presence on the inside. That's one of the main reasons why we struggled against Indiana, but it is not an excuse to why they took us to game 7.

This Miami Heat team has one of, if not, deepest benchs in the NBA. Today we saw it utilized when the heat went on their run to blow out the spurs when Spoelstra finally put Lebron on the floor with players who can spread the floor out for him, and also Anderson who actually comes after missed shots and gives us second chance opportunities. (Chalmers, Allen, Miller, Lebron, and Anderson).

As soon as I saw that line up come on the floor I looked over to my friends in the living room and told them we were about to go on a big run and thats exactly what happened. It's not rocket science, I did play 4 years of high school ball, doesn't really make a difference because anyone can figure this out. Mike Miller is a highly decorated shooter and was regarded as one of the best shooters in the league in his days with the Grizzlies... I understand he's fragile but he is the type of player Lebron needs around him. Lebron doesn't need Wade to catch the ball, pump fake, and dribble to either shoot another mid range jumper you know is not going to fall or kick it out.

Lebron doesn't need bosh's soft presence on the inside making him have to work harder getting rebounds and picking up his slack. I'm not saying Wade and Bosh don't belong on this team or shouldn't play with Lebron. All im saying is we have one of the deepest benchs in the nba and it needs to be utilized more effectively according to the situations that are presented in the game. Spoelstra doesn't seem to do well adjusting to problems or taking advantages of weakness one can see from their television.

Coach Spo seems to be very hard headed in his lineups and I believe we lost game 1 due to the fact that we had a line up without Wade and Lebron in the 4th quarter and had no one that could create their own shot. Lebron did complain of fatique but does that really execuse the fact that coach Spoelstra did not have Wade ready since the game was obviously at such a high pace. The spurs went on a run without Wade/Lebron and we went on to lose the game.

What I'm saying is that I believe that Spoelstra doesn't know how to approach Wade or Bosh and have them play a different role. They were brought in to be the big three but the truth is Lebron is the only real Big 1 and everyone else is role player at this point. And the best role players Lebron can have are players that hustle and rebound and can spot up and hit their shots when he passes the ball to you.. something wade and bosh lack.

I know I am not the only one who sees this and Spoelstra must reconize this as well its just something he doesnt know how to address. I believe a coach like Popovich would have lebron seeing much more minutes with a line up of Cole, Allen, Miller, Anderson. In fact I believe Lebron and Allen should play together more minutes then Lebron and Wade. Wade has been used to the ball in his hands his whole career and doesn't seem to feel comfortable or nearly as confident when Lebron is on the floor in the half court set.

When lebrons goes to the bench we should have a line up of

You will have Wade handling the ball and making plays which I'm willing to bet would allow him to play with more confidence then when lebron is on the floor. He has chemistry with Haslem, can find Bosh for the open jumper, Battier supplies hustle and the 3 point shot if he can find it.. and if Rashard was prepared properly during the regular season he would have been another threat with this second unit lineup.

I believe Wade and Lebron should still play together but we should put our players WHERE and WITH they feel most comfortable. This is the most talented team in the NBA were talking about here and I just feel they struggle because our players are not utilized right, and thats why im writing this.

Lebron looks comfortable on the floor with Allen and Miller because he is a great scorer but also an amazing facilitator and feels better on the floor with guys that actually shoot the ball when he finds them open. He has chemistry with these guys and they stretch the floor out for him allowing him to attack the basket. Miller is old but this guy is one of the best 3 point shooters in the league and is 6'8 and can rebound. In 2006 he put up 42 points with the grizzlie. We all know about allen so nothing needs to be said. Anderson follows up Lebron shots and hustles for rebounds, something every star player wants in a teammate. Bosh just isn't that.

Sorry i've gone on and on im just suprised no one has addressed this on here. We need to forget about this whole big 3 thing and utilize this whole team. Spo needs to put his players where they feel most comfortable. Wade should be in a lineup where he has the ball in his hands and he makes the plays, have him come with Haslem whom he has chemistry with and another scoring option in Bosh. Play them all together when the time is right.

All im saying is I don't think this team is being run right and to its full potential but thanks to the amazing talent of lebron and company we should win this series.

Hope I gave you guys something to think about my rant is done. (This post was orginally posted in the official miami heat forum before being locked cause they want to blind themselves from the truth).

06-17-2013, 01:35 AM
I see what ur saying here. I've always said coaching is what is holding the Heat back. Same with my team "Lakers"

People don't realize how much coaching really has to do with the game

06-17-2013, 05:26 AM
Of course I would like to try this next year in the regular season instead of the finals. Having a line up of 3 point shooters like you said in with lebron as the starting line up and having wade come off the bench as the 6th man with wade getting his own iso's basically having the same game plan as when lebron is on the court. This also keeps him healthy by not putting in so many minutes in the regular season and when needed he can easily be inserted back into the starting line up similar to what he did in the olympics. When needed for defense he can easily be reinserted into the game. Just my 2 cents, better than what spoelstra is doing lately at least :P