View Full Version : Line of th night: April 17th

04-18-2013, 11:07 AM
The last night of the regular season! It was a recording breaking, busy night. Stephen Curry had a meagre 15 points, but 12 of them came from the 4 3-pointers he made which means he set the record for most 3ís in a regular season! The Warrior beat the Trailblazers in the process. The Kings fell to the Clippers despite a career night from DMC. The Raptors beat Boston. Minny beat the Spurs. The Bucks beat the Thunder (who were resting most of their starters). Mike Scott posted his second consecutive double-double, but it wasnít enough to overcome Copelandís 33 point performance. And WTF is Earl Barron? The dude is leading the league in rebounds per game with 18! Last night was his first night of the season and the dude grabbed 18 rebounds! Sadly, due to his lack of minutes over the season he is not eligible to actually be considered the league leader in rebounds per game. But seriously? WTF?!?!?!? The Heat beat cross-state rivals Orlando and will head into next season with an 8-game winning streak. D-Wade managed a 20/10 game in only 23 minutes. Memphis beat the Jazz who will no be headed into the lottery rather than the playoffs. Gasol and Dwight combined for 38 rebounds as the Lakers beat the Rockets in a dramatic overtime game. And the Rockets really wanted to win this game. They played Asik, Parsons and Harden all over 40 minutes! Gasol got a triple-double. And for those who want to go off on Kobeís night a week or so ago saying that no other player put up those numbers, well Pau Gasol is the only player since at least as far back as 85 to post the numbers he put up last night. Not even Hakeem has done that on a given night. Doug Collins got what will likely be his final win as head coach of the 76ers as they beat the Pacers. Denver clobbered the Suns. The Mavs can hold their head high as they clinched a .500 record with a win over the Hornets. Da Bulls beat the Wizards as Jordanís former teams squared off. The Bobcats downed the Cavs, and Detroit fell to the Nets.