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04-11-2013, 07:41 PM
First off, what's a dupe? What's a troll? I've been called both. I haven't done one thing to entice anybody to come at me yet posters here are attacking me left and right? Does this forum not have moderation?

I said Kobe won't crack my top 10. It's purely an opinion. I never said I was right. Never said anyone else was wrong. It's my opinion. Isn't that why people post on these types of sites? So they can express their opinions and talk to other users who share similar sport interests? I'm absolutely disgusted at the level of immaturity I've seen here and it's quite sad.

Anywho, Kobe is a great player and this season he's shown that when he wants to get his teammates involved he's able to do that but when I said he's the reason for many of the lakers failures its because he's one of the most selfish players I've ever seen and it's hurt them a lot (hence the reason they are fighting for the 8th seed)

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Please private message me if you wish to continue asking what a dupe is.

Thank you.