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03-26-2013, 11:15 PM
Simple question. What do you think is the most important position in basketball.

I'm personally inclined to go with center. Since 1999, the championship team has had an all-star center or elite defensive center on their team 12 times out of 14 (the exceptions being Miami last season and Boston in 08). Jordan also could be said to bit his thumb at such a theory since he won 3 championship with Luc Longley starting at center, while it could be suggested that because the like of Ewing retired without a ring, and Hakeem only got 2, a humble number next to what Jordan, Bird and Magic earned, that a truly great center is no guarantee for success. Still, it seems to be the rule that you need a good center to win, even if that center is not elite. In the 80's every championship team had an all-star center with great defence and rebounding: LAL (Kareem), Philly (Moses), Boston (Parish/McHale) and Detroit (Laimbeer). Though Laimbeer is perhaps not in the conversation with Kareem, Parish, McHale and Moses, he was a great rebounder, was an all-star and was a great defender. Since then only Jordan, LBJ and Boston's big three have been able to win without a all-star caliber center, and for three of Jordan's six titles he at least had Bill Cartwright. So with Jordan's titles and the ones from Boston and Miami, that makes 8 titles since... well... even Seattle had Jack Sikma, and Washington had Wes Unseld. Portland had Walton. and Boston and NY had Cowens and Reed respectively... then the Lakers and Bucks had Wilt and Kareem. Warriors weren't great in the middle... and before that was of course Boston's reign with Russell.

That said, teams that have won in the last twenty years have, for the most part, had a terrific guy on the wing: Lakers with Worthy, Boston with Bird, Chi-town with some guy named Jordan, lakers again, this time with Kobe, and Miami with LBJ, so the SF and SG position have become increasingly important, while the PG position has also played a key role in titles for Detroit (Thomas) and LAL (Magic).

PF seems to be the one position that has really seen dominate players succeed on a regular basis (in terms of ring totals). There is Duncan of course, though many consider him a center.

So what do you think is the most important position on the floor?

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picked pg without reading. but its hands down either pg or c. pg controls the tempo of the team. center controls the paint. i guess value is greater for what the team lacks. say team has knick like defense :D.. but has chandler. his importance is greater. than his pg. and if a team had a center with decent defense/offense like lets say the nets..... their pg holds greater value b.c of his control of tempo and offense. all in all depends on what the team lacks most. offense or defense:hi5:

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I voted C for historical reasons, but I don't think there's a "most important position" in today's NBA.

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Kind of a hard question to ask, as every position benefits from each other. I think every team needs a good point guard and center to succeed because point guards run the offense and give guys open looks while the centers dominate the paint. Shooting guards are also pretty important as well because they can run the offense when necessary while their mane roles are to score the basketball. Forwards are a nice edition and of course all position are important in their own rights but you could probably work with 3 guards and two centers. I think the most important position is 1 followed by 5.


Of course this works too

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Coach. Seriously.

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Coach. Seriously.

Same vein, but I think the ultimate correct answer is owner. Your owner dictates the future of your franchise.

On the floor - given an equal talent level of all players - yes center is the most ideal position to be dominant at. Problem is, they're injury risks and thus long term liabilities. It's what makes Wilt/Kareem/Hakeem and even Shaq to an extent so special.; the ability to maintain that level of dominance at that position will carry entire organizations.

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i voted for point guard since it seems to be a point guard driven league now. but true centers are so rare and can make such a difference that it's hard to say.

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C's, their a rarer and more valuable commodity. "Good" pgs are a dime a dozen. Unless we're talking Cp3/Magic/Stockton type special, then I'd just "settle" for a Chauncey Billups or Mark Price.

03-27-2013, 02:20 AM
Good PGs are a dime a dozen, and some of the worst teams have some of the best pgs. Im going to go with pf, just because the teams who win titles always seem to have a good pf lately. Pau, duncan, nowitzki, and when lebron was playing pf. etc.

03-27-2013, 02:24 AM
It's the point Guard era