View Full Version : Line of the night: March 23rd

03-24-2013, 01:10 AM
The Nuggets have extended their winning streak to 15 games at the expense of the Kings, and it was yet again another team effort that got the job done. These guys remind me of the 04 Pistons, not in how they play, but in their mentality to the game. Share the ball, play D and trust your team. Iím really hoping to see them get rewarded in the playoff this year. Jerryd Bayless came off the bench to score 30 points and lead the Grizzlies past the Celtics. The Pacers fell to the Bulls, their division rival, but they have a comfortable enough lead in the standings now that the division title is pretty much locked up. Landry Fields returned to MSG and got embarrassed as the Knicks put on a clinic against the visiting Raptors. The Detroit Pistons inadvertently beat the Bobcats. While the Pistons are trying to keep their pick this season by finishing with a low enough seed to fall under the protection, it is the Bobcats who are going to be getting the pick should Detroit finish a little too high in the standings, and so, they made sure to lose the game and give Detroit a better record with the hope of getting the pick. Iím joking of course. A lacklustre performance was had by all. The Warriors beat the Wizards. Reggie Evans had another solid outing on the glass, but it was not enough as the Clippers put down the Nets 101-95.