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RT @mfloresorlsent #********* reportedly not impressed by heat win streak. Miami "feasting on little scraps", according to sources close to the situation.

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Big Zo
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el hidalgo
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#*********? are you the internet white knights that pride themselves on reporting people? sweet dawg

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Mauricio Flores is a pretty good beat writer. I like his work and have to agree his analysis here. He nailed it

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********* 4 lyf!

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Finally, some credible sources in the NBA forum

Lakers + Giants
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#Team Sachs

The only reason the NBA forum is still bearable.

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#*********? are you the internet white knights that pride themselves on reporting people? sweet dawg

********* is a bunch of kobe fan-boys that went to 'The Hobbit' première, all wearing kobe jerseys. and yes, they made out with each other.

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I don't know who Sachs is, but I feel like the people saying they're 'unimpressed' are lying (Pierce, etc) or just don't understand the streak and what's impressive about it (many of the posters on here who criticize it).

This is the NBA. Beating the Bobcats 22 times in a row would be impressive. Beating an average schedule 22 times in a row is very impressive. That kind of consistency - the level of consistency that's been seen only three times in the history of the league, regardless of all the easy schedules good teams have had - is impressive.

Beating 22 NBA teams in a row is very impressive. That's all there is to it.

It doesn't mean anything, sure. A 22 win streak with a loss at each end doesn't say anything more meaningful than two 11 win streaks with a couple of losses in the middle. It isn't about just how good the team are, or about how good they'll be in the playoffs, or about how likely they are to win a title, or any sort of measure of their greatness, or any of the rubbish people are saying.

But it is entertaining and, most importantly, it's very impressive. I don't get what's so hard to admit about that.