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02-21-2013, 11:56 AM
Trade partners Houston and OKC met up and everybody seemed to show up as Durant got a triple-double, Westbrook was 2 assists shy of a triple-double, and Harden dropped 46 points on 14-19 shooting to lead the Rockets to a win over his former team. Ibaka posted 5 blocks in the loss. Dallas beat the Magic, while the 76ers fell to the T-Wolves. Jrue Holiday got 5 steals in the loss. The bucks spurned a trade offer from the Nets, and the Nets returned in kind by beating them on their own floor, despite back-to-back 30+ point performances from Jennings (he apparently wants to show that he should have been on the All-Star team and does indeed deserve a max-contract). Three Bucks recorded double-doubles in the loss, while not a single member of the Netsí starting line-up managed to do the same. LBJ lead the Heat to a win over the Hawks. Irving lead the Cavs past the Hornets. Paul George lead the Pacers in a rout of the Knickerbockers. The Pistons beat the Bobcats, while Rudy Gay lost to Memphis in his first game against his former team. Zach Randolph posted 17 points, 18 rebounds and 3 assists (which may be a career high). Klay Thompson lead the Warriors to their first win in 7 games, and the Lakers put away the Celtics.

02-21-2013, 12:32 PM
Fairly easy decision here. Harden

02-21-2013, 12:57 PM
Easily Harden

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02-22-2013, 04:07 PM
What homer said Lebron or Durant.