View Full Version : should the league add some additional defensive stat?

eternal slumber
02-17-2013, 08:49 AM
as of right now, the defensive stats we have in the league are rebounds, steal and blocks shots.

somewhere if i am not mistaken, you can also access a player's defensive efficiency (not sure where, but i do know it does exist).

what am i saying is, should the league take a look at maybe adding some stats which goes unnoticed like altered or challenge shots and tap outs?

both of this stats doesn't show up but have a huge effect on result of the game.

we all know how much harder is it to make a shot if it is challenged or altered. sometimes you have to pass up a shot if it's challenged really well.

tap out is a very under rated stat. by tapping the ball out, you alter the flow of the opposition's offense flow and make them call a different play with a much shorter shot clock remaining which effects the quality of shot they'll be getting before the shot clock runs out.

also, in times, tap out prevents open shot to the opposition on a ball rotation or even a lay-ups.