View Full Version : Larry Bird's son charged with some serious crimes

02-12-2013, 04:42 PM
larry bird's son connor was arrested by indiana university police on sunday after allegedly trying to run over his girlfriend during an altercation. The victim told police that bird threw a cell phone at her during an argument at his apartment, which hit her on the wrist.

Later that night the victim got in the car with bird to head to the campus' stadium, but got in another fight, and she got out of the car to walk home. The victim claims that once she was out of the car, connor began chasing her through the parking lot with his vehicle. A person came to her aid in the parking lot and the two flagged down police.

Connor was quickly located and arrested for intimidation with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief, battery with injury, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.

This isn't his first run-in with the law, as he was arrested in 2011 for underage drinking and disorderly conduct. tmz

02-12-2013, 04:52 PM
Sounds like one of my Friday nights.:rimshot:

02-12-2013, 04:56 PM
probation.........at worst.

02-12-2013, 04:58 PM
That what I do when I get in an argument with someone. I chase them with my car.

Works like a charm.

02-12-2013, 04:59 PM
What if a giant boulder hit their house? Would that qualify as killing two birds with one stone? :laugh2:


Big Zo
02-12-2013, 05:05 PM
I blame David Stern.

02-12-2013, 05:48 PM
This kid is and always will be a major d-bag. He feels entitled.

02-12-2013, 05:57 PM