View Full Version : Line of the night: Feb. 9th

02-10-2013, 06:20 PM
The Cavs fell to the Nuggets. The Warriors ended their road-trip with their 4th straight loss, this one to the Mavs. Detroit accidentally beat the Bucks (Im not sure Frank has sold Calderon on the concept that the team is intentionally tanking games so that they can hold onto their draft pick this season). When asked how the Pistons won, Frank said: I was hoping that bringing Charlie V off the bench instead of Drummond was going to ensure the Bucks an easy victory, but Charlie just played like he thought he was actually worth the 8 million dollars we are paying him. Ill have to explain to him later that when I run plays for him, I expect him to shoot no higher than 35% from the floor and to get surrounded by the opposition. Brandon Knight assured that he was dong what he could to help Detroit keep their pick but shooting only .154 from the floor. But what good will that do asked Knight, when Calderon is shooting .769? The 76ers beat the Bobcats behind a career night from Lavoy Allen (who the fawk is Lavoy Allen?), and the Kings manages a win over the Jazz.