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01-17-2013, 09:42 PM

Lakers get a legit scoring threat in Ellis coming off the bench, Ersan and Gooden who can play great in pick and roll with Nash.

Bucks get Gasol who can actually play his game, with his back to the basket. He would undoubtedly make Brandon Jennings a better PG. Morris who is a solid backup who can also play the 2 guard. Jordan Hill, although hurt for the rest of the year would definitely be a better option of the bench for the Bucks then Gooden.


01-21-2013, 09:17 AM
I wouldn't mind Gasol. But he is expensive. I rather trade Ellis and Ersan separately. Still like the old rumor of the Nets wanting Ersan. If we got Marshon Brooks great and have a third team take Humphries. Then Bucks are rumored to be going after Millsap. Which most likely involves Ellis. Probably Ellis for Millsap and grumpy Raja Bell.

I probably follow that up with Udoh and Dalembert to Bobcats for Henderson and expiring Diop. But the main rumor of Nets wanting Ersan. My trades usually include the Cavs as the pick hungry dumping ground for players. Bucks send out Ersan to the Nets. Bucks receive Marshon and Luke Walton, Cavs receive Humphries and a future pick from the Nets.