View Full Version : Lakers/Mavs trade involving Dwight

01-17-2013, 06:37 PM

Lakers RECEIVE: Marion, Kaman, Collison, Crowder, Carter
Mavs RECEIVE: Dwight, Duhon, Clark, Ebanks

The Mavs get Dwight and a bunch of serviceable to below average expiring players. They shed all their crap contracts and they're able to pursue a lot of players in off-season. Also they can basically tank this season let dwight and dirk get healthy and make a good run next season building around Dwight, Mayo, + FA acquisitions for the future.

The Lakers get rid of Dwight and they fill out their team. They go from having the worst bench in the NBA to likely having the best bench in the NBA. Gasol/Marion/Artest/Kobe/Nash would be a fun starting line up, with amazing depth coming off the bench.

Overall, the downside is that the Lakers are basically going to have to roll with this team until Kobe's contract is up. The perk is that in two years the team could be wiped clean effortlessly. For the Mavericks it's a gamble if Dwight stays and if you can get a good FA signing. I think overall the team improves for the mavericks NEXT YEAR and the Lakers build a complete team by trading one player.