View Full Version : Sacramento/Boston/OkC

01-11-2013, 01:37 PM
Boston receives C Demarcus Cousins and PG Reggie Jackson.
OkC receives PG Aaron Brooks and PF Jared Sullenger
Sacramento receives SG Jeremy Lamb, G Avery Bradley, C Fab Melo, PG Eric Maynors $2.3 Million expiring contract and the top 20 protected Dallas pick via OkC

Why for Boston they get the best player in the trade in Cousins and he should be able to give them a spark to get out of the 8th seed in the east and make a push for a championship before KG and Pierce retire. Which will help in 2 years when they need to resign him.

Why for OkC. OkC's biggest weakness is back up PG and they get a good veteran back up with Brooks, they also get a young potential talent in Sullenger. I think they improve for their playoff run and get to keep the Toronto pick in the process.

Why for Sacramento: They gets tons of young talent to start building around as they start there move to Seattle. Melo and Lamb just signed there rookie deals and Bradley still has two years left on that. Team that up with all the talent that they have already in Thompson, Johnson, Robinson, Thomas and Fredette. Could have them as a contender in the West for the foreseeable future.

01-12-2013, 03:48 AM
That's stupid. SACRAMENTO isn't out of this!!!! DMC will be in Sacramento