View Full Version : Coaches Replaced Mid-Season

01-04-2013, 08:45 AM
Came across this article on coaches who had to be replaced mid-season. I say replaced because in three instances a coach (two times it was Larry Brown) left on his own accord mid-season, in one instances with 6 games left in the season! I'm not sure how Brown ever got a coaching job after pulling this twice!


Mike Brown seems to be the guy fired soonest for a slow start as he was 1-4 when fired, where as the first guy on the list, 76ers coach Gene Shue, who had lead his team to the finals the previous season, was fired after going 2-4! The Lakers also fired Paul Westhead early one year, he was 7-4 and on a 5-game winning streak when he was fired (this was the instance where Magic had requested a trade and ended up getting the coach fired the next day).


If Buss is willing to fire a guy on a 5-game winning streak early in the season, I expect that 'Antoni's job isn't as safe as some are suggesting, regardless of how much money it would cost LAL to fire him and bring in a third coach. It is the Lakers after all, they have money to burn!